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Description: VZMinutes logs into the Verizon Wireless website using your account information and displays the various classes of minutes used for your account.
Author: jzdziarski
Version: 0.4b
New in v0.4b: New version to support revised Verizon website
Uploaded on: December 1st 2005 at 9:51 PM
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Downloads: 2624 (all versions), 1203 (this version)
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Great idea. It worked fine at first, but after a restart, it hangs, taking up huge amounts of memory. It just showed the "Logging In" message. So I switched to the back to check password and switched back. Then it just showed the "Refreshing" message. Have to stop using it.

Posted by: jdjacobs on Aug 11, 05 (3:09 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

Good idea, but again, tends to take up loads of resources and then locks up. It might be cool if we maybe combined the VZTXT widget and this and made a VZ Toolkit widget or something like that. smiley


Posted by: mattf (Administrator) on Aug 11, 05 (5:38 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

We are on a family plan (with 2 lines) and it only displays 1 phone number, and then the total for all of the family. This makes me find the difference between the two, to find my own total. -- Kinda a pain

Mine wasn't locking up (that I know of), but it could use a refresh button.

Posted by: EricNau on Aug 11, 05 (7:09 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

Thanks for the feedback. This is just a beta, and I realize there are still some kinks to work out. Hopefully by v1.0, things should be running smoothly and have some of the features I know you're looking for. Writing this widget revealed some security issues with Verizon's website that I've been pursuing with the carrier for the past few days, so now that it's all fixed perhaps I can get back to writing this dag'gone thing.

Posted by: jzdziarski (developer) on Aug 12, 05 (10:03 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

I'd recommend not "pursuing" security enhancements with the carrier.

Hi, I'm eric, creator of the Sprint Usage Checker.

Once the carriers plug the holes that allow us to login to their webpages from a different domain, our widgets won't work. Which means, unhappy dashboard and cell users.

Looking forward to version 1.0 smiley

Posted by: Liquidrums on Aug 12, 05 (11:16 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

Well these are a bit more important than a widget http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/11/AR2005081101240.html

Posted by: jzdziarski (developer) on Aug 12, 05 (5:35 PM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

Security vulnerabilities that allow others to view another's account info is unacceptable.

In the same way, removing functionality that enhances the user's experience without seriously compromising security is unacceptable, also.

The remote logins we're using in our widgets, in my opinion, don't pose a serious threat. The most threating item, in my opinion, is actually storing the user's PIN number in the preferences.

I'd hate to see verizon, sprint, or AT&T disable support for our widgets by requiring the http-referrer to be within the domain name =/

Posted by: Liquidrums on Aug 12, 05 (11:01 PM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

The HTTP referer is just an environment variable you can post in your query. When you're talking protocol layer requests, you can spoof anything.

Posted by: jzdziarski (developer) on Aug 13, 05 (12:39 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

Very Useful Widget, just wondering if there could be a line for how many text messages you've used aswell???

Posted by: summerz on Aug 15, 05 (6:25 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Are there plans to show multiple phone lines? Our account has two and it is only showing one. I love the idea of this widget...much quicker than logging into the website. However, it won't be much use to me if it is only a single line.

Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Posted by: brianlees on Sep 10, 05 (8:45 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

At one point it was showing my family plan information, but somehow it reverted back to the single line and I can't get it back. There is what appears to be a link to show the family plan details, but it's not clickable (while the hand icon shows briefly on rollover, it switches to the arrow almost instantaneously). Otherwise an incredibly useful widget.

Posted by: cclauset on Sep 12, 05 (5:57 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

It's possible to 'hack' the VZMinutes widget to view the family plan information by adding a second XMLHttpRequest call to the VZMinutes.html file (use Show Package Contents to see inside the VZMinutes.wdgt file).

Add the following two lines below the "req.send(dat);" command at line 116:

req.open("GET", "https://ebillpay.verizonwireless.com/vzw/overview/viewOverviewAccountEquipment.do?showFamilyLinkOnly=false", false);

Posted by: cclauset on Oct 14, 05 (1:44 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

Unfortunately, this hack only works on people homed on ebillpay. There is another server for west-coast residents called wbillpay, but I'm not sure if the URL is different. Verizon has a couple other zones too I believe, so use this at your own risk.

Posted by: jzdziarski (developer) on Oct 27, 05 (6:32 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

Alas, the widget has been unable to retrieve any information for me for a couple of days now, after I updated to the most recent version. Anyone else having issues?

Posted by: cdiddy on Dec 05, 05 (4:54 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)  

Does anybody know what exactly your pin is supposed to be? I have a user name and password for the site but that obviously isn't working. Until then, yes I am having problems.

Posted by: muteki on Dec 07, 05 (3:10 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)  

Loved this widget when it worked. Verizon recently made me change my password from my 4 digit PIN to a 8-10 digit password. Ever since this widget hasn't worked and is unable to accept my new password. I keep checking for updates but haven't found one. I hope the developer will update this widget soon, I used it every day.

Posted by: KatieFloyd on Apr 17, 06 (2:24 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)  

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