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Description: Passgen is a handy Mac OS X Dashboard Widget for generating pronouncable and easy to remember passwords.

Fourteen passwords are shown at a time and more can be generated with the simple click of your mouse.

When you click on a password, it is automatically copied so that you can paste it into your chosen application or web page.

Note: this is a demo version. If you like it, the full version is available from our website.
Author: webcogs
Version: 1.12
New in v1.12: Fixed small bug in demo version.
Uploaded on: August 12th 2005 at 11:34 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 445 (all versions), 413 (this version)
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this passwords are okay, but 7-8 all lowercase letters followed by 1-2 numbers isn't all that great. the case should be mixed as should the location of the numbers and there should probably even be special characters.

sure, it may be more than needed, but brute force password crackers wouldn't have much trouble with what you're currently getting. also, this looks a lot like something i've seen online-- if i am correct i hope they at least gave credit to their sources.

Posted by: jonlink on Aug 14, 05 (1:09 AM) for version 1.12 (current version)  

Hello and thanks very much for the feedback!

We're aiming to draw a balance between passwords that are far too simple and passwords that are so cryptic that your average user won't be able to easily remember them.

A common problem for many users is that they are given a password but forget it. In anticipation of forgetting it, they might even change it to something 'easier' like the name of their pet dog or even the dreaded 'password'.

Hopefuly our widget strikes a sensible balance between too simple and too cryptic. However, for more educated users, we'll be adding advanced options in future releases of Passgen.

In the context of online systems accessible by password, brute force password crackers can be defended against by locking the user out after X number of retries, or periodically asking a personal question about them.

We have a popular page on our website that performs a similar function to our widget. This has been live for a number of years and I think that it may be what you are referring to.

Thanks again for your comments!

Posted by: webcogs (developer) on Aug 14, 05 (12:06 PM) for version 1.12 (current version)  

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