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Description: This widget toggles dashboard developer mode on and off. Developer mode lets you drag widgets out of dashboard and onto the desktop so you don't have to keep popping dashboard up over and over again while developing a widget. This widget is small and unobtrusive. Based on code from DevMode widget.
Author: jtbandes
Version: 0.2b
New in v0.2b: Apparently fixed issue where widget wouldn't always work without reloading it.

It is a known bug that the widget will sometimes forget its position after a dock restart.
Uploaded on: August 15th 2005 at 1:58 AM
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Downloads: 1519 (all versions), 1459 (this version)
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Would've been a great widget... but clicking it won't turn it off (since it was already enabled by me prior to installing widget).

How 'about instead of just saying "On" or "Off", have "On Off" next to each other with the correct one highlighted. Otherwise we don't really know if we click the whole widget or just the status text.

Posted by: Liquidrums on Aug 13, 05 (9:18 PM) for version 0.1b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Clicking it should turn dev mode off, no matter when you installed it.

You click on any part of the widget to toggle.

If it doesn't work, try reloading the widget (Command+R)

Posted by: jtbandes (developer) on Aug 13, 05 (9:27 PM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

This is a great idea for a widget, but it does need to be a bit more responsive. Having to refresh the widget in order to turn it off isn't the best idea in the world. Clicking the widget should just toggle DevMode on and off. Period.
Also, while being small and relatively unobtrusive is wonderful, I'd rather that it didn't keep popping itself back to the center of the screen when toggled. How about keeping it iin place?
These sound like complaints, but hey, it is a .1b release and not 1.0! Otherwise, I'm in heaven.

Posted by: soundeziner on Aug 14, 05 (1:52 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

It is supposed to be perfectly responsive, there is nothing in the code that makes it pop to its previous position, yet I also experience this. It is supposed to "just toggle DevMode on and off. Period."

If you know anything about programming widgets and would like to help, I would appreciate it.

Posted by: jtbandes (developer) on Aug 14, 05 (2:41 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

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