Application Interfaces - VLC Remote Interface

Description: VLC Remote Interface Widget can control any instance of VLC running on your network through VLC's built-in HTTP interface.

Available Functions Include:
Volume Slider
Seek Slider
Fullscreen Toggle

To use:

Install Widget, Enable HTTP Interface on target VLC instance, Set IP address.

Instructions available at
Author: StopMakingSense
Version: 0.2
New in v0.2: * Optimized interface using curl.
* Horizontal Scroll removed from playlist (really this time).
* Handful of small bugfixes.
Uploaded on: August 24th 2005 at 1:36 AM
Rating: (5 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 983 (all versions), 858 (this version)
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Wonderful widget !!!!!
There still a small bug on this alpha previw: each time I launch VLC widget and VLC Player there is a bug report on vlc application that I have to hide each tie I launch VLC.
Is it also possible to create white dashboard-like scroolbars (blue aqua bars aren't very beautiful on this widget) ?
Although this widget is one of the best i have ever seen !!!!!!!

Posted by: faisrisette on Aug 22, 05 (1:23 PM) for version 0.1b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Unfortunately, that is endemic of the http interface. It'll send up that error no matter what, even through VLC's normal HTTP interface.

Posted by: StopMakingSense (developer) on Aug 22, 05 (1:25 PM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

Great interface! Though if I were you I'd make the playlist div overflow: auto;

Posted by: Garcon on Aug 22, 05 (7:09 PM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

Huh, having trouble updating the widget. Sure enough the next version will have the overflow change, Garcon.

Posted by: StopMakingSense (developer) on Aug 23, 05 (4:11 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

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