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Description: eCheck is a shareware dashboard widget that regularly checks multiple protocol email accounts for unread messages. Email checking is supported for: AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, IMAP, .Mac, POP, POP SSL, Yahoo

The account name, type and number of unread messages is displayed on the front of the widget, together with the total number of unread messages. On the reverse of the widget account settings and software activation is managed.

A Registration Code is required to activate eCheck; this can be obtained either by registering for a 7 day evaluation trial code or by purchasing a licence at a cost of 3.50 (payment is received solely via PayPal). Click here for more information.

Auto-checking of email for: AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, IMAP, .Mac, POP, POP SSL, Yahoo
Status connection messages
Registration/Activation system
Growl Notification of unread messages
Audio Notification of unread messages
Informs the user of available updates unobtrusively

Cocoa, Perl, Applescript, Shell scripting, XML-RPC Web Services
Author: gajm
Version: 0.6
New in v0.6: Yahoo checking updated
Uploaded on: December 10th 2005 at 10:38 AM
Rating: (2.5 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 3500 (all versions), 2252 (this version)
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this looks faboo, exactly what i've been after -- is it resizable, though, if one doesn't want to have to scroll?

Posted by: becky on Sep 01, 05 (3:53 AM) for version 0.1 (previous version)  

Sorry, not resizable yet, but I'll definately look into that feature on a future update. Thanks for the feedback. G

Posted by: gajm (developer) on Sep 01, 05 (3:54 AM) for version 0.1 (previous version)  

Wow, great widgetsmiley , it's a pity that I only can use it for 7 days... smiley (I've now paypal account etc.)

Posted by: Rik on Sep 01, 05 (10:59 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

It does nothing unless I register for a trial code? That's a widget, for $DEITY's sake, not Final Cut Studio.

Posted by: Spartacus on Sep 04, 05 (9:21 AM) for version 0.3 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

You might want to change the name considering eCheck is the name of (Perhaps iCheck?)

Posted by: falcoboy7 on Sep 05, 05 (4:23 PM) for version 0.4 (previous version)  

I'm just going to wait entil they make the 'widget' freeware...

Posted by: Rik on Sep 06, 05 (7:09 AM) for version 0.4 (previous version)  

while this widget is more "application" than others, it should still be free.


Posted by: fatherfork on Sep 13, 05 (7:32 AM) for version 0.4 (previous version)  

You know, it looks really great, and it's nice to have it all in one place - unfortunately I can't justify spending ~26 dollars for a widget that does the same thing as the other widgets I already have.

Posted by: Anselan on Sep 16, 05 (3:17 AM) for version 0.5 (previous version)  

eCheck costs nowhere near 26 dollars, £3.50 converts to about 6/7 dollars!!

Posted by: gajm (developer) on Sep 16, 05 (1:06 PM) for version 0.5 (previous version)  

A few bugs hwere and there... Scroller doesnt work well and the drop down wondows doesnt closes again... and it should be free...

Posted by: mariusmellebye on Dec 11, 05 (8:03 PM) for version 0.6 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

Why should I pay that much for a widget which can do exactly what my Mail program can do? At least make the trial period infinite and do something like miniStat2 did with their shareware; a screen on the widget which bugged you every time you opened Dashboard.

Posted by: SiliconX on Dec 12, 05 (2:15 AM) for version 0.6 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

Too much work for me to try out the widget to bother

Posted by: bokutoe on Dec 18, 05 (2:04 PM) for version 0.6 (current version)  

Didn't work at all with my IMAP, can't properly tell the number of unread messages on my POP or Gmail accounts, scroll bar doesn't work, Growl notification icon is pixelated on "Music Video" setting, lack of resize makes this program very hard to use...

There, we got that out of the way. This has the possibility to be an incredible program EVENTUALLY. May I suggest that one might not be well served by charging people for beta software? I'd definitely pay for this if it WORKED.

Posted by: SavMan on Feb 26, 06 (8:59 AM) for version 0.6 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

nice piece BUT as others said, there are free versions that do the same thing. So, why are the email accounts or mail icons NOT linked to pop open the browser and take you to the website to see the applicable email - yahoo, gmail, hotmail????? other similar programs allow you to click on the account and be taken to the website and view the email.

Posted by: etard on May 04, 07 (1:20 AM) for version 0.6 (current version)  

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