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Description: About Xgrid@Stanford Widget
During the WWDC2004 we got the idea to better integrate Xgrid in the Tiger operating system by creating a Dashboard widget to monitor the current cluster status. Many Mac users help to solve important scientific questions but few have a clue as to what actually happens with their donated CPU cycles. Now that’s over, the Xgrid@Stanford widget gives realtime status information about the world’s largest Xgrid cluster. And with little effort and our Xgrid widget SDK, the widget can be easily adapted to any other Xgrid cluster as well. It is a great way to advertise the power of Xgrid, and to show the people around you what greater good you are contributing to while their Mac is just dissipating energy when they sit idle...
Author: mekentosj
Version: 1.0
Uploaded on: September 15th 2005 at 3:20 PM
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Awesome. I really like the design. I would be in over my head on this one, but just looking at this, this sounds like a great idea.

Posted by: BagOfHammers on Sep 15, 05 (3:42 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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