Date & Time - Bush Time

Description: Track the days to or from for six dates in Bush Jr's presidency like the number of days left till he is out of office or the number of days since he said Osama was "wanted dead or alive".
Author: ceaser
Version: 4.0
New in v4.0: Added clear white and fade white themes
Major redesign to only display one date at a time
Added four faces (one is actualy Bush's hand)
Version number now integer based
Uploaded on: December 1st 2005 at 5:01 AM
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He put it backwards, but the last line is:
"IMHO busH lies everyone dieS"

How 'bout you replace the text "Days since 9/11" to "Days since we found out all terrorists are muslim and they are infiltrating our country from our porous borders and are annihilating our Christian roots"

Sounds a bit more effective to me.

Posted by: Liquidrums on Sep 21, 05 (8:44 AM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

Liquidrums: You're joking, right?

Posted by: bkazez on Sep 21, 05 (10:55 AM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

Liquidrums: I don't think this is a place for political discussions.

Posted by: Attila on Sep 21, 05 (2:45 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

I thought about your suggested text change for "Days since 9/11", but I just can't get it to fit no matter what font I use. Sorry. I also tried "Days since our cold war policy, of befriending anyone who hated the Russians almost as much as us regardless of if we should even talk to them because of there crazy ideas of what constitutes a fair government, backfired on us."

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Sep 21, 05 (3:04 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

It's a good thing the Alien and Sedition acts are long repealed, otherwise this might cause some problems with the government. While we at DashboardWidgets appreciate the importance of a two-party system and the fact that individuals are full well entitled to their own opinions, this is not the place to voice them. Please do not engage in arguments and the like, those involved will face disciplinary action if things get out of hand (which they usually tend to). Thanks for using DashboardWidgets! smiley


Posted by: mattf (Administrator) on Sep 21, 05 (6:05 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

Who's arguing, I thought this was all just self-deprecating fun. Besides, I think all parties stink.

Bevis: He Butthead do you remember when politics was cool?
Butthead: Um, ahhh, no!

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Sep 21, 05 (6:13 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

If I may prohaps changes the conversation to something slightly more constructive. I would like some feedback on the lame color themes that I implemented. Any suggestions on how to make them better would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Sep 21, 05 (6:20 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

Not getting into a political argument here, but your chosen date for "Days since Osama Wanted" is grossly inaccurate. Osama bin Laden has been on the _worlds_ terror list for over 9 years now, and has been "wanted" by the U.S. since the Clinton administration. Everyone's entitled to take their stabs at the current administration using their chosen medium (Widgets, in this case), but I implore you to use factual accuracy when doing so.

Posted by: awiseman on Sep 21, 05 (10:39 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

It's the days since bush said he was wanted "dead or alive". Hover your mouse over each of the labels to get a better explination. Other than that, I aggree that he has been wanted for much longer.

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Sep 21, 05 (11:22 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

I'll keep quiet because I also would rather not see political argument...but I tend to doubt people will stick to criticism, not political drivel, when faced with a political widget.

I've personally come to feel that widgets may not be the best medium for conveying political ideas...

So anyway, my one criticism to justify this comment is that like you say, you could at least change the color scheme. As a personal suggestion, I suggest you get rid of the diagonal gradient business - going from white to dark indigo, even if the gradient were lateral, is in my opinion rather dull, but further, I should think that to most people it would be hard to read, with white text on ligher areas and darker areas. Perhaps, you could either make a less extreme gradient or none at all?

BTW, I see merit in the bipartisan "system" too, but I'm getting sick of this extremist partisanship that is gripping the country. There seem to be, to me anyways, relatively few people that can actually think for themselves and act upon those thoughts, rather than just banding with political party. I have a feeling that is why Washington warned us about partisanship - it is a matter of time and education, when partisanship becomes the sacrifice of genuine, strong individualism - and the US of A wasn't founded on weak individuals.

Posted by: BagOfHammers on Sep 22, 05 (3:45 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

I agree on all points. Especially about the gradient. Have you tried the other color themes? They are just as boring (pretty good for a programer I thought). I'm glad to get some feed back. It's funny, my other widgets here have no political bent, but no one comments on those.

So people know, I did not make this widget with the intent of making a statement. I made it for myself and decided to share it after I finished it.

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Sep 22, 05 (4:20 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

Well I think the widget is a very helpful countdown to a major democratic event and huge relief.

For colors, I would try some Aqua-style gumdrops, or Stars 'n' Stripes themes.

The only thing I'm not sure about is the "advantages of a two-party system". The US is one of the few democracies with only two parties. The two main parties always take notice when the third party starts to get popular. And sometimes they have some great ideas. Go on, you know you want to. smiley

Posted by: interlard on Oct 04, 05 (1:22 AM) for version 0.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

LOL You launch the widget with "IMHO busH lies everyone dieS" spelled backwards in the description and chose a goofy picture of Pres. Bush to feature on the widget, then wonder why people comment on the political overtones of the widget vs. your other widgets. Then you claim you didn't make this widget with the intent of making a statement. ROFL

I gave you low rating on design and creativity because of the ambiguity of the widget.

Look, I voted for Pres. Bush, but I'm not a cheerleader for the man. His performance is uneven. That being said, you shouldn't back away from this being a statement widget. It's America, man! Embrace your right to freedom of speech. In my opinion, you didn't do enough. The countdowns seem harmless (You might want to add a countdown for the different Iraqian election days), but the design is lacking.

Go beyond partisanship. Make this widget reflect our waxing or waning confidence in the president. Make the back look like a ballot. Select "Full Confidence" or "No Confidence". For the "Full Confidence" setting, have the widget cycle through various flattering pictures of Pres. Bush. For the "No Confidence" setting have the widget cycle through various comical and unflattering photos of the president. Change the color scheme from stars & stripes for FULL and gothic bleak for NO. LOL Have some fun with it. This, of course, is just my Constitutionally protected opinion. smiley

Posted by: darkstream on Oct 07, 05 (2:38 PM) for version 0.3 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

How about adding: Days of Vacation? Admittedly, that one has to be calculated differently, as the value changes very time he goes on vacation (which is more often than any President in the past 100 years). Perhaps it could automatically increment by the predicted 30 days he takes off in every August, come rain (Katrina) or coming terrorist attack.

Posted by: ddrucker on Oct 08, 05 (4:23 AM) for version 0.3 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I thought about a vacation counter, but I would like to stick to values that can be computed from a simple date and without the need for a network connection. If someone can come up with a good date I could add some value relating to that Karl Rove guy. Or I could add the date for the 2006 election and call it "Days till impeachment"

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Oct 08, 05 (7:39 AM) for version 0.3 (previous version)  

I'd like to second (and third, if possible) darkstream's suggestions above. It would be even more interesting if the results fed back to a blog (or website) and were updated periodically.

Regarding interlard's comment: "The two main parties always take notice when the third party starts to get popular. And sometimes they have some great ideas."

The major parties take those 'great ideas' on board a _lot_ faster if the third parties are getting significant votes, which they're much more likely to do in a non-two-party system, where the voter knows that their vote is more likely to have an impact.

The downside of the two-party system is that if a third party drains votes from either main party, it leads to the victory of the opposite main party (see Bush/Clinton/Perot 1992, Gore/Bush/Nader 2000). Silly, that.

Posted by: blacker on Dec 02, 05 (4:53 AM) for version 4.0 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

I'm not sure I understand what you (blacker) want. You want to be able to click the widget and be taken to a blog? The reason I created the widget was mainly to count the number of days since bush declared osama as wanted DoA.

Did you use any of the older versions? I would really like to know how people feel about the new smaller layout.

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Dec 03, 05 (1:09 AM) for version 4.0 (current version)  


No, not to be taken to a blog or website per sé, but it would be interesting for the information to feed back to a website where the data is collected, and act as a kind of barometer, a sort of ongoing online poll.

I like the different faces idea, and when you put in your rating, it would feed back to a website, and then inform you of the overall average, also displayed on the faces-scale.

I know it's a lot more than what you were aiming for, but it struck me as a nifty idea nonetheless.

I like the smaller layout: it makes the point and doesn't eat up too much space on my screen.

Posted by: blacker on Dec 03, 05 (8:46 PM) for version 4.0 (current version)  

"Days till impeachment"?

What date & event are you getting stats for that? I've found lots of websites that suggest impeaching him, but there is no official impeachment in process, just hot winded rhetoric by political maneuverers.

Smaller layout is nicer. Wish I could cycle manually through the pictures.

Posted by: darkstream on Dec 04, 05 (2:08 AM) for version 4.0 (current version)  

darkstream: I'm using the 2006 election as a date for impeachment. This date is most commonly used by such communist organizations ( smiley ) as AirAmericaRadio as the date before any real impeachment steps can take place. Maybe that's to much of an inside joke but I was hopping some people would get it. I meant to have the tooltip state that but never got around to it. By the way, If you don't like the date, you can always hack it or remove it just don't redistribute a changed widget.

blacker: In this widget my goal was to not use the internet for any of the counters. However, if I was to find (or be provided) a URL to some good data then I would love to either create a new widget or depending on the data add it to this widget. I do aggree that a graph showing his current polls would nice. I'm glad you like the smaller format. Some people out there are making some obscene large widgets.

Posted by: ceaser (developer) on Dec 06, 05 (4:24 PM) for version 4.0 (current version)  

Excellent widget! I like all the different tidbits of information. I love the idea about adding his current polls. Especially his ratings. Maybe you could also add how many lies he's told or how many lives he's taken. Of course, you'd probably need to make the widget a bit larger to accommodate all those numbers smiley

BTW: Impeachment is possible. But it won't happen by itself. It will take ALL of us to do it. Go have a look at <> and help get this bully out of office!

Posted by: on Oct 21, 06 (11:04 PM) for version 4.0 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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