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Description: This widget displays flags of countries around the world. At the moment, there are 43 countries available, but I plan to add more. The flag shown in the screenshot is just 1 of them, the Icelandic Flag. (The Flag of Iceland) but you can choose from flags anywhere from America to Ireland, to Kuwait, to Saudi Arabia. To choose your flag, you flip the widget over (the flip button is in the lower right) and choose your widget from the list, and click done. You can then place your flag anywhere on the dashboard. You can also choose random and hit done, then the widget will pick a random flag.

I hope you enjoy smiley
Author: Snowball
Version: 0.8
New in v0.8: -------
El Salvador
Widget loading/backside images are new
Widget now starts with a "choose flag" image
Uploaded on: October 9th 2005 at 2:43 AM
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Downloads: 1634 (all versions), 1426 (this version)
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Add the Netherlands to it smiley

Posted by: Rik on Sep 29, 05 (7:16 AM) for version 0.5 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Where did you get so many animated gif flags??
Why does it star with Argentina instead of a "pick a flag" image?
Why does the text above the popup menu say "select model"?
Does it flip over so the flag blows the other way?

Posted by: IanTheMacFan on Sep 30, 05 (3:19 AM) for version 0.5 (previous version)  

In Response to IanTheMacFan-
1. I have my sources. If you do a google search you can find a few sites.
2. I'm working on that for the next version. I'm still kinda new to this Javascript stuff.
3. Just what I chose. I was going to have "Choose a Countrys' Flag" but that was too long. I will work on a different name for the next version.
4. No, I couldn't have it flip to the backside and have it flip to blow the opposite direction. There might be something I can pull off to invert the image though..

Thanks for your suggustions smiley I'll see what I can do with em

Posted by: Snowball (developer) on Sep 30, 05 (3:30 AM) for version 0.5 (previous version)  

I like having a waving flag in my dashboard, which I can change depending on my mood. Could use more countries, though. Functionality seems to broken since the last OS X update (10.4.3) - changing countries isn't working.

Posted by: billbill on Nov 09, 05 (5:27 PM) for version 0.8 (current version)  

didn't work :-(

G5 with Mac OS x 10.4.10

Posted by: pippotto on Sep 14, 07 (3:49 PM) for version 0.8 (current version)  

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