Multimedia - DashAmp

Description: Stand Alone MP3 Player, full Winamp Classic Skin support. Proof Of Concept/Prototype.
Author: drkrimson
Version: 0.2pr
New in v0.2pr: v0.2 051111 0510
*) fixed back button
*) added rudimentary playlist (only browsing the autoloaded list, nothing fancy yet)
At this point all bugs are still known and mostly intentional smiley. I am however interested in reading feature requests (video and minibrowser will naturally be supported)
It seems there is some interest in this project so i decided to first finish the prototype until full winamp functionality is reached before starting the (much needed) rewrite.
Uploaded on: November 11th 2005 at 9:39 AM
Rating: (3.5 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 794 (all versions), 627 (this version)
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This is an excellent idea and I'm very excited about the possibilities of it. There are a few issues that I'm sure you're aware of since you called this simply a proof of concept.

The shuffle button isn't doing anything for me.
The controllers should be draggable (volume, panning, song progress...)
I can't find where to change the skin, although I did find the skins folder within the widget.

This widget has huge possibilities and I can't wait to see it progress.

Posted by: theshortcut on Nov 01, 05 (10:16 PM) for version 0.1pr (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

glad to hear! if you want to test out another skin unzip the winamp skin file to the Cache/currentSkin dir

Posted by: drkrimson (developer) on Nov 02, 05 (5:46 AM) for version 0.1pr (previous version)  

This has great potential. It defaults to the loudest volume, that hurts.
Great work, keep it up (fast).

Posted by: chuckit on Nov 05, 05 (7:18 PM) for version 0.1pr (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

you know that there is a slider built into dashboard
here's the code
"<input id="slider" type="range" min="0" value="100" max="100" onmousedown="startScale()" onmouseup="endScale()" oninput="scaleArticles(this.value)" />"

Posted by: Powermacguy on Nov 12, 05 (3:58 AM) for version 0.2pr (current version)  

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