Multimedia - BBC Radio 4

Description: Listen to BBC Radio 4 live and listen to old broadcasts for up to a week. This widget includes The Today Program and the Archers and is based on the BBC widget by Phantom Gorilla.
Author: stuartgpalmer
Version: 1.3pr
New in v1.3pr: Correct file now zipped. Sorry.
Uploaded on: November 17th 2005 at 8:29 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 406 (all versions), 302 (this version)
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Instead of a Radio 4 widget, the "" archive unzips to produce a Radio 2 widget . I'm guessing this is a mistake.

Posted by: dbj1000 on Nov 13, 05 (6:28 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

What luck. I actually thought to myself I like four, but prefer two.

and Radio two opens up, top job! I see no way to select old shows though

Posted by: garyi on Nov 14, 05 (12:09 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

So this is the exact same widget that Phantom Gorilla wrote, but with all radio stations other than Radio 4 removed, and Listen Again recorded broadcasts added? You haven't even changed the appearance (despite the image used on this Dashboard Widgets page) so it's impossible to tell the difference between the two widgets without looking at the settings on the back.

Did you get Phantom Gorilla's permission to rip off every little bit of his BBC Radio widget?

Posted by: dbj1000 on Nov 18, 05 (9:42 AM) for version 1.3pr (current version)  

As far as I'm aware, Widgets are open source. I have credited and thanked Phantom Gorilla. As for the appearance, it hadn't occurred to me that they could get confused. Yes, I will change the graphics. Good idea. New post coming soon.

Posted by: stuartgpalmer (developer) on Nov 18, 05 (3:35 PM) for version 1.3pr (current version)  

While widgets are open source in that their source code is not protected, they're not open source in the sense that you can modify or redistribute the code as you please. You must have permission to use code, graphics, etc.

However, we don't remove content in situations like this without a specific complain from the rights owner.

Posted by: pm (Administrator) on Nov 18, 05 (3:37 PM) for version 1.3pr (current version)  

I won't be making a complaint, don't worry. Asking permission would have been nice, but you have at least credited us, so that's ok smiley

Posted by: Hawkman on Nov 18, 05 (8:53 PM) for version 1.3pr (current version)  

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