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Description: The default behavior of Mac OS X is to put sleeping computers in "hardware suspend" mode, during which the RAM is still powered on.
This widget allows the computer to enter "software suspend" mode. Software suspend is a feature similar to what windows call "hibernation": the computer consumes no power while sleeping, however the wake up process takes more time to complete.

Hibernation is made possible by the Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3 update. This operating system version is required.

Only the computers with "safe sleep" feature are officially supported. The computers with this feature are the Powebook "HD", Macbook Pro and Macbook lines of Apple laptops, and every Apple desktop computer equipped with an Intel processor.
Please read the included documentation for more information, including the possibilty to use this widget on unsupported computers.
Author: cochonou
Version: 1.2
New in v1.2: Changed the authentication method from sudo to Applescript. This should fix the authentication issues under Mac OS X 10.6.
Uploaded on: August 11th 2010 at 2:25 AM
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hibernation sounds like a windoze thing.

Posted by: IanTheMacFan on Nov 21, 05 (2:10 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

and why does it look like the moon???

Posted by: IanTheMacFan on Nov 21, 05 (2:31 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Cochonou, it would be useful if you listed the Mac models that support this feature, rather than requiring us to download the widget and read the documentation to find out.

It's an interesting and useful feature, if your Mac supports it.

An IanTheMacFan, your endless inane comments throughout are tiresome. Perhaps you want to tell this widget's author to use Aqua graphics, like you tell everyone else?

Posted by: dbj1000 on Nov 21, 05 (2:53 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Excellent Widget ! smiley Thanks

Posted by: Pick on Nov 21, 05 (8:08 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Voilà l'exemple d'un widget complètement inutile, sauf pour l'exercice de style : à quoi bon vouloir essayer de remplacer le bouton physique de mise en veille par un widget consommateur de mémoire ?

Posted by: arpee on Nov 21, 05 (8:59 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

To djb1000:
Thanks for your comment. I'll try to make the summary of this widget a little more descriptive.

To IanTheMacFan:
Indeed, "hibernation" is how Windows calls the software suspend mode. There is no official name for it on the Mac as far as I know, because this feature was only introduced with Mac OS X 10.4.3, and is still not available through the Graphical Used Interface.

Pour arpee:
En fait, le bouton physique de mise en veille n'a pas la même fonction. Il met l'ordinateur en veille légère (aussi appelée "hardware suspend"smiley durant laquelle la RAM est toujours alimentée. Le widget envoie l'ordinateur en veille profonde (aussi appelée "software suspend"smiley, pendant laquelle il ne consomme plus d'énergie.
En fait, le widget en lui-même ne fait qu'appeler un utilitaire en ligne de commande qui est inclus dans le package. Il est tout à fait possible d'extraire l'utilitaire, de le lancer à partir du terminal, et de ne pas utiliser le widget.

Posted by: cochonou (developer) on Nov 21, 05 (12:31 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Voilà l'exemple d'un commentaire complètement inutile, sauf pour l'exercice de stylesmiley

Posted by: dbj1000 on Nov 22, 05 (1:11 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

My computer has been felling very restless lately and this widget is just what it needed! thanx

Posted by: Bryan on Nov 22, 05 (2:55 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Forgot to rate it^

Posted by: Bryan on Nov 22, 05 (3:08 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Si tu as activé la fonction Safe Sleep (, le bouton physique met ton powerbook en profond sommeil.

Posted by: arpee on Nov 22, 05 (8:13 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Pour arpee: Mais dans ce cas là, tu perds la possibilité d'utiliser le sommeil "léger". L'intérêt du widget est de réaliser automatiquement les modifications de l'hibernate mode avant et après la mise en veille.

Posted by: cochonou (developer) on Nov 22, 05 (9:52 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

I read someone's fan broke after patching his computer to allow deep sleep.
His computer overheated, which is potentially dangerous.

Posted by: jorislandman on Dec 07, 05 (1:23 AM) for version 0.5b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

it doesnt seem to work on Macbook Pro. why do we need a hibernation when the sleep function works perfectly fine? and my MacBook Pro firmware tells me to restart when i wake it from hibernation.. and the settings went nuts... useless

Posted by: iunspoken on Apr 11, 06 (5:33 AM) for version 0.6b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Junspoken, the need for a "Hibernation" mode (also known to Linux users as "Software Suspend" or, to some Mac users, as "Safe Sleep"smiley is driven by those who wish to conserve battery power in sensitive situations. Ordinary sleep keeps the system RAM active, so *some* power has to be run through the RAM. "Safe Sleep" writes that data to the hard disk, instead, allowing for *all* components to be powered off. One of the greatest possibilities for "Safe Sleep" is that you could Safe Sleep your laptop, with low battery, and swap in a fresh battery, and NOT have to reboot your system.

My biggest complaint is that the information on Safe Sleep is so outrageously sparse. The PDFs in the download only say "Apple Powerbook HD 12, 15 and 17 (released on October 2005)" function, and allude that "This list will grow as newer hardware is introduced by Apple." Looks like this could be a hit-and-miss thing for some of us.

Posted by: Kichigai on Aug 20, 06 (11:17 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)  

This is basically a good idea, and the hibernation and wake functionality works great, but the implementation of it as a widget leaves something to be desired, and there is some question as to its utility.

Why does this have to be so honkin' huge? Also, unlike other widgets, there is no "i" icon to at least get info on the widget. Lastly, I wish (settable via that "i" icon) there were the option of a confirmation dialog before actually going into hibernation mode. It's too easy to click this by accident, which proves a nuisance given the time it takes to go into hibernation and the time to come back out of it.

There is some question in my mind as to the utility of hibernation used in this fashion - it takes a long time to hibernate, and it takes a long time to come back out of it. Indeed, while I haven't actually timed it, it seems like it takes just as long, if not longer, to come out of hibernate mode as it does to cold boot, so why not just shut down and then boot back up when you want to save power? The only advantage I can see to using hibernate in this situation is if you leave applications running as they'd still be running when you came out of hibernate mode, and so save some application launch time. I wouldn't recommend leaving documents open intentionally, though - that seems risky to me. How much can we trust hibernation? In the end I think maybe Apple's "safe sleep" concept makes more sense - protection from accidental loss of power, not an alternative to sleep mode.

Posted by: sjonke on Sep 21, 06 (6:14 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Greetings, let me answer to the few issues that you have voiced.

On supported computer models: Thanks to the rather huge feedback that have received, I have fairly extended the list of supported computers in the latest version of the documentation. Basically, every intel-based Apple computer should work.

On the implementation of the function as a widget: the widget was made to be as basic as possible. Of course, it would have been possible to add a lot of interface features: configure the sleep mode, ask for confirmations, etc. But I have chosen to stick to what was asked to me initially: just a quick way to trigger hibernation. That is why there is no information button to see the back: there is nothing to configure except the intial submission of an administration password.

On the size of the widget: indeed, the widget is quite big. There are two reasons for this: there needs to be room to input administrator passwords at the back, and it looked better at that size. I had thought about sizing it down initially, but actually it is not a big deal: if your dashboard is cluttered, you can move most of the widget out of the screen and leave only a portion of it visible. As the whole surface is click-sensitive, you will still be able to trigger hibernation.

Lastly, on the purpose of having an hibernation mode: having more options can not hurt. It is up to you to see if this hibernation behaviour can be useful for your typical use of your computer. I use it all the time on my 2004 Powerbook (officially unsupported computer) to keep documents open between travels. From my own experience, it is very safe, and anyway there is not much potential risk left if you save your documents before entering hibernation...

Thanks for the feedback.

Posted by: cochonou (developer) on Nov 06, 06 (8:28 PM) for version 0.8b (previous version)  

I agree, it's far too big

I resized it to 85x85px myself. I had to delete some text and move everything. The text can be hard to see (I made some bold), but it looks less cluttering.

Posted by: gdold on Jan 24, 07 (3:45 PM) for version 0.8b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

arpee, je ne pense pas que vous comprenez le diference entre le sommeil et le hibernate

Posted by: peterhoneyman on Jun 27, 07 (9:30 AM) for version 0.9b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I've installed this on my mac and now it won't suspend when i close my lid, even after removing it, how do i solve it?

i'm on the latest 0sx with a macbook pro 13

Posted by: mmartins on Jun 06, 11 (10:45 AM) for version 1.2 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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