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Description: Now you can check out the grity, grimey world of UK (and Ireland) Pirate Radio all from the slickness of your Dock. More stations will be added as they come online.

This was adapted from Rabbit Radio and Weather radio widgets with the slick Skull n Crossbones icon from Rahji! Big up M8!

I'm looking for someone who can help make the streaming a bit more smooth and interface more slick. I don't know much about either. Just leave the "Made for Jordana text there yeah? It's for my girl who is far away at the moment.
Author: THC1138
Version: 1.1b
Uploaded on: November 26th 2005 at 10:33 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 484
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Nice! Strange sounds to my ear. Good strange. smiley

Posted by: THC1138 (developer) on Nov 28, 05 (5:18 AM) for version 1.1b (current version)  

As to why you might want to try this widget....

UK pirate radio:

There is a studio mobile too. It vibrates every few seconds like a faulty alarm clock, as listeners call and text. Scrolling through its inbox, I notice scores of "missed calls". Big N explains that this is how pirates gauge a record's popularity. If listeners like a tune, they call in and then ring off, so the studio mobile registers a "missed call". This costs callers nothing. If Xtreme receives over 20 missed calls from different numbers before a track ends, the DJs play it again. This is why teenagers listen to pirate radio: it's interactive in ways legal stations can't match. Some tune in on their mobiles - on the bus, in the high street, even at school.

Posted by: THC1138 (developer) on Nov 29, 05 (2:32 AM) for version 1.1b (current version)  

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