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Description: IceTV is an Australian TV guide widget. It features 3 different views, full descriptions and EyeTV integration that can record, play and view a list of scheduled or recorded programs right from Dashboard!

- The ability to view TV guide information and full program descriptions for either 1 day (free) or 7 days (IceTV subscription required).
- Supported on both Windows (via Konfabulator) and Mac OS X (via Dashboard and Konfabulator).
- EyeTV integration (Mac OS X Dashboard version only, IceTV subscription required).
- Created from an existing highly successful and mature product (AusTV/WorldTV).
Author: islayer
Version: 1.02
Uploaded on: December 7th 2005 at 7:41 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 270
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Thislooks to be shareware. I tried to configure it but it is so complex to configure that I finally threw it in and removed it. Apparently you have to register as well at the website and then get a 1 day free trial or 14 day trial( I really don't know which it is so confusing) and then I guess you can finish the configuring of the widget (it shouldn't take long maybe a few hours more or less) Someone who delights in driving us nuts has designed this thingee and he probably sits back knowing that we will go bonkers. Oh the pain!!!!

Posted by: jazzman34653 on Dec 08, 05 (3:45 AM) for version 1.02 (current version)  

Which bit are you having trouble with.
The signup process is quite simple.
You fill in the form on the IceTV website then enter your username and pass into the widget and your done

As far as the 1 day VS 7 day trial...
1 day is a year long trial with 1 day of data at a time in the widget
the 14 day trial give you 7 days data plus the eyetv functions for 2 weeks

Posted by: islayer (developer) on Dec 08, 05 (3:59 AM) for version 1.02 (current version)  

Just to clarify:

- Using the widget indefinitely, but viewing 1 day of data is FREE. Just download the widget and create an account by filling in the form linked by the "register" button on the back of the widget. Your account will expire after 12 months, then you can create a new one.

- To use the widget to view 7 days worth of data or use EyeTV integration you must be an Ice subscriber. A 14 free day trial of Ice's services is available from their site.

So... using the widget the same way that WorldTV functioned is free.

Posted by: islayermarc on Dec 08, 05 (4:08 AM) for version 1.02 (current version)  

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