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Description: tailDash is a dashboard front end for the unix command tail. it allows the user to select which log file they are viewing and the refresh rate of that log. the viewer window is also resizable to the user's needs.
Author: benjennings
Version: 1.5b
Uploaded on: July 8th 2005 at 12:04 AM
Rating: (3.33 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 1462 (all versions), 915 (this version)
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hi , not enough logs,
i would use taildash if it would have a httpd log
and customizable fonts/size/colour,
and the feature of click copy the ip in httpd log, and/or have a whois option.

Posted by: Randy on Apr 27, 05 (12:56 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

maibe make a second identical widget exept for the text color make it white, and really need httpd access log

Posted by: Randy on May 02, 05 (3:04 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  

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