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Description: Can't wait for your packages to arrive? Don't waste your time checking the site constantly, just open this all-in-one delivery tracker and enter your order number or tracking number. The status will update automatically for you, and even count down the days! It also works with Growl to give you pop-up message, email notifications, and more, whenever your package status changes. If you have more than one order, just open another copy of the widget so you can keep an eye on them all at once. Click the question mark on the back of the widget for more tips, or just hold your mouse over an item in the widget for more information.

Delivery Status lets you track your deliveries from:

- (US and Canada)
-,,,,,, and
- (including all international stores)
- Aramex
- Canada Post (Postes Canada)
- City Link
- DHL (US and Germany)
- FedEx and FedEx SmartPost
- GLS (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Spain)
- Google Checkout
- Hermes Logistik Gruppe (HLG, Germany)
- Japan Post (EMS, Yu-Pack, Registered Mail, and Morning 10 Overnight Mail)
- Nintendo (US and Canada)
- Parcelforce
- Purolator
- Royal Mail
- Poste Italiane (Paccocelere1, Paccocelere3, Postacelere1, PaccocelereMaxi, and PaccocelereInternazionale)
- Posten (Norway)
- Posten (Sweden)
- UPS and UPS Mail Innovations
- USPS (United States Postal Service)
- Yamato Transport (Kuroneko)

Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later is required. 10.5 or later is recommended, and required for syncing. Previously known as Apple Order Status and Order Status for Amazon and Apple. Delivery Status is available in English, German (translated by Jennifer Brehm), Japanese (Justin McPeak), French (Thierry Di Lenarda), Italian (Ivano Brignoli), Dutch (Tim Van Damme), Norwegian (Jonas Ensby), Finnish (Tapio Karppinen), and Danish (Tony Lorentzen).
Author: robotspacer
Version: 5.21
New in v5.21: Simplified entry for DHL Germany shipments.
Fixes a bug where deliveries older than 30 days could lose their settings and appear as a blank Amazon delivery.
Syncs more often.
Fixed a bug where passwords with special characters (like accents) would not work correctly.
Fixed a problem with Aramex for those that have an account there.
Uploaded on: May 5th 2010 at 2:06 PM
Rating: (4.83 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 25495 (all versions), 2112 (this version)
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Very nice widget! Nicely designed and useful. Good job!

Posted by: dansgil on Jan 23, 06 (2:54 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Sweet! Great job, Thnx!!

Posted by: JonW on Jan 23, 06 (4:40 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

This is awesome, nice job!

Posted by: jiggins on Jan 23, 06 (5:01 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Can't find Swedish orders...

Posted by: Attila on Jan 26, 06 (4:51 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  

Glad you guys like it!

Attila: the current version will not work with postal codes that have spaces, so that may be your problem. You can work around it by replacing the space with %20 or you can just wait for the new version I'll be releasing soon.

The new version I'm working on also supports orders with multiple items, gives a link to a tracking page when possible, and has many improvements to make it more reliable!

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Jan 26, 06 (11:15 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  

Works as expected! I LOVE being able to pick the size!

Posted by: Liquidrums on Feb 07, 06 (2:38 AM) for version 1.11 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

DUDE! I was just joking around thinking it would be awesome if such a widget existed. I google for Apple Order Status Widget and your the first that came up. I installed and LOVE IT. Super great. Thank you.

p.s. One program suggestion. Could it beep or send a notice when the status changes?

Posted by: surbahns on Mar 08, 06 (10:36 PM) for version 1.4 (previous version)  

Thanks for continuing to work on this and make it better. Awesome widget!!

Posted by: JonW on Apr 10, 06 (10:06 PM) for version 1.5 (previous version)  

Great widget... just wish there was something like this for Amazon as well.

Posted by: trmptblwr on Apr 17, 06 (3:05 PM) for version 1.5 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Tells me it could not connect

Posted by: kaiser on Aug 24, 06 (10:54 AM) for version 1.52 (previous version)  

The connection problems should be fixed in the latest version. If you still have troubles let me know.

trmptblwr, you'll get your wish soon! I'm just finishing up a widget that includes Amazon order tracking. It works will all the international stores that I've been able to test so far. Send me a message through my profile if you're interesting in beta testing.

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Sep 04, 06 (5:05 AM) for version 1.53 (previous version)  

Nice widget. Looks good and seems to work well, but two things:

- Considering this widget captures Amazon login ID and password, which is all that is needed to complete a purchase transaction (assuming your Amazon account is configured to remember any of your preferred payment methods), there really should be very clear details about where this widget stores its info and what exactly it does with it at every step of the way.

- Status does not seem to work for some orders--possibly orders that are obtained from outside companies. For example, I've got an outstanding order placed via Amazon but sold by The OGaming Network. For that, this widget hangs at "Getting delivery status."

Posted by: skywriter on Nov 06, 06 (2:10 PM) for version 2.6 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Most settings including the login ID are stored in plain text in the preference file. Passwords are not saved at all unless you check the box to save them. As the checkbox says, the password is stored (securely) in your keychain. The behavior is just like other OS X applications that deal with passwords (the plugin that deals with the passwords was written in Cocoa, following Apple's guidelines). You can access your keychain using the Keychain Access utility if you need to. Everything is sent to Amazon over a secure connection, which is all handled by WebKit just as it is in Safari. I'm not sure how I could make it more clear, so if you have any specific suggestions, I'm listening.

If you'd like Dashboard to ask for permission to access your saved password every time, you can open Keychain Access, locate the Internet Password with the correct name, double-click it, click the Access Control tab, and then delete DashboardClient from the list. (When an application adds a password it is automatically granted permission to access it, this is Apple's decision. I think the way Dashboard deals with passwords is a little imperfect, so I've filed a report with Apple in hopes that they'll improve it.)

For your problem Amazon order, I have a new version coming soon that may help. It's tough to guess at exactly what the problem is, but I have improved the error checking in places. If you'd like to help beta test, please send me an email (or private message).

I can definitely say that it works with some orders from outside companies--I've placed a few and they worked perfectly. I haven't used the Marketplace (where you go if you click the "used & new" link) so it's possible those are different in some way.

Thanks very much for your feedback!

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Nov 06, 06 (6:31 PM) for version 2.6 (previous version)  

I just downloaded this and am using it to track a UPS delivery. I like most everything about it (particularly the countdown, name feature, and clicking on the icon to open the details page in the browser) but wish it did one more thing (isn't this always the case).

In my case I see 4 lines displayed:
the name
Delivery by Nov 20
Updated Nov 17 at 6PM

Rather than SHIPPED I'd rather see the latest info in the delivery detail. In this case for UPS it would be a line giving saying Arrival Scan and the location. A competing widget gives more details. I only want the latest info so I can have a hint about early delivery without having to go to the browser. I'm not at all sure if other delivery methods have this info available or easily parsable, but for those that do this would be nice.

Posted by: hurm on Nov 17, 06 (8:37 PM) for version 2.71 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

That has been the number one request at this point, and I do plan to incorporate it into a future version of the widget!

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Nov 24, 06 (4:05 AM) for version 2.71 (previous version)  

And here it is! The latest version displays more detailed tracking info, just like you were hoping for, hurm.

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Dec 10, 06 (6:11 AM) for version 3.0 (previous version)  

ANY chance to get german DHL in ? if not, i can just use and apple, that kinda sucks cause most stuff is sent via DHLsmiley or UPS, ... but well, UPS works work on DHL germanysmiley

Posted by: VictorSteiner on Apr 06, 07 (9:05 PM) for version 3.0 (previous version)  

DHL Germany is fairly high on my list, and will probably get added in version 3.2.

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Apr 07, 07 (4:24 AM) for version 3.1 (previous version)  

Excellent widget. I will use this one a lot. Thanks robotspacer.

Posted by: hotdogsoup on Apr 08, 07 (4:29 PM) for version 3.1 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

One desired addition: Add a means to spawn another Delivery Status widget so I can track an additional package, instead of having to use the other means of adding one, each of which takes longer than clicking a plus on the widget. In fact, I suggest using a magnifying glass icon for the zoom button and using the plus instead for the above described purpose.

Posted by: earthsaver on Apr 17, 07 (2:02 AM) for version 3.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Not a bad idea, I'll keep it in mind!

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Apr 18, 07 (7:58 PM) for version 3.2 (previous version)  

Given all the things this widget does right, it completely puzzles me why a design decision as bad as the "NEW VERSION!" badge lives on. It'd be one thing if the widget modestly mentioned this once in a while. But instead, the widget's functionality is completely hampered because the badge, which appears to never go away, covers up half the information. Considering a "NEW VERSION!!" of this widget appears to be available almost daily, it's a chore to use this widget because of this one, single but ridiculous flaw. I don't want to download every single version of this release if the current one is working fine. Unfortunately, the only thing wrong with each outdated release is this silly badge.

Posted by: billyok on Apr 27, 07 (4:12 AM) for version 3.23 (previous version)  

I would also add that if you're going to force people's hand in downloading every updated version, at least make the process painless. Whenever I have to install a new version of this widget, I have to reenter whatever tracking information I might have set up. Kinda defeats the purpose if I have to keep doing that.

Posted by: billyok on Apr 27, 07 (4:14 AM) for version 3.23 (previous version)  

billyok, I'm sorry you find it to be a hassle. I'm sure you can understand the relatively small amount of money I make from this widget makes it impossible to spend the time to truly perfect every aspect. The updates are strongly recommended because the nature of this widget makes it fairly likely that old versions will break. In some cases it might not even be obvious that it's not working quite right.

If you visit the help section on my site you'll see there is a relatively simple process to upgrade without losing the widgets you have open: (There's a ? button on the back of the new widget that will take you to this page.)

I do not have any control over the fact that Dashboard will close your open widgets when you upgrade. Believe me, I wish I did. I think it's a poor choice on Apple's part to not give developers any control of it.

To help alleviate the problem (in addition to the workaround I linked to above) this latest version will keep track of the last 10 tracking numbers used for each company. These will be remembered after future updates.

I will consider adding an option to dismiss the new version notifications in the future.

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on May 23, 07 (7:30 PM) for version 3.5 (previous version)  

I like the ability to quickly add another widget for another package without having to manually add another one.


Posted by: jjlee777 on Jun 26, 07 (10:04 PM) for version 3.6 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I like the ability to quickly add another widget for another package without having to manually add another one.


Posted by: jjlee777 on Jun 26, 07 (10:06 PM) for version 3.6 (previous version)  

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