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Description: DashCast allows you to view iPhoto Photocasts and Flickr Photostreams from inside your Dashboard. You can select from the list of pictures available on the pop-out tray. You can even set the option to keep viewing your favorite picture in the Photocast, even when the Photocast is updated.

Updates even when your Dashboard is left open!
Author: DoubleDangerBat
Version: 1.20
New in v1.20: Compatibility with photostreams from

Clicking on a picture now opens it in your favorite web browser!

Photos update with the newest picture at the top of the list, no more scrolling down to the new pictures.
Uploaded on: March 19th 2006 at 6:03 AM
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Downloads: 606 (all versions), 400 (this version)
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Nice widget. It would be nice if you could point us to a photocast directory so we could try your widget out. I don't know anyone who photocasts and I can't find any photocast directories out there. Some podcast directories feature photocasts, but there seems to be a problem with feedburner and other rss feeds being readable by your widget. Perhaps I'm asking the widget to do something it wasn't designed to do?

Posted by: darkstream on Feb 17, 06 (1:17 PM) for version 1.04 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

You can find an example rss feed at my site ( The reason other casts may not work with it, is due to compatibility with iPhoto photocasts only at this time. This is something I will be taking care of in the next version, do you have any examples of other photocast addresses?

Posted by: DoubleDangerBat (developer) on Feb 17, 06 (6:26 PM) for version 1.04 (previous version)  

Your downloads page is password protected. Can't find your example rss feed. My favorite photocast so far is You can find truckloads of photocasts by searching Google and showing all duplicates:

Would it be possible to load the large version of the photo into Preview or Safari if I clicked on the image in DashCast? Might be a nice feature.

Posted by: darkstream on Mar 04, 06 (3:40 PM) for version 1.11 (previous version)  


Posted by: darkstream on Mar 21, 06 (4:50 AM) for version 1.20 (current version)  

Thanks for the compliment and the push for the feature. Feedback is always great!

Posted by: DoubleDangerBat (developer) on Mar 21, 06 (5:50 PM) for version 1.20 (current version)  

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