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Description: Jack of All Widgets is a multi-website search tool. It provides quick access to dozens of commonly used web searches. You simply type in some search terms, choose which site(s) to search and hit return. The widget activates Safari and executes the search(es). It has over two dozen searches built in, and is infinitely customizable (if you know how to open a widget package and edit XML files). The advantage of using Jack Widget is that 1) you don't have to remember where to go for a particular search, they're all there in a list, and 2) you don't have to go to the page first, select the search type you want and then type in the terms, you just type in your search to the widget and it takes you right to the results page.

Searched Websites

AirborneExpress/DHL (package tracking)
Barnes and Noble
Federal Express (package tracking)
Foldoc (Free online dictionary of computing)
Froogle (Google's product search)
Geocoder (Find the latitude and longitude of an address)
Google (general, movies, user video)
Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
jux2 (searches google, yahoo and msn simultaneously) - legal dictionary
Mapquest (find address, find latitude/longitude)
Merriam-Webster (Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical Terms)
NOAA (Weather) (Tab)
UPS (package tracking)
USPS (find zipcode)
USPS (package tracking)
Webopedia (computer terms)
Yahoo (maps, movies, real estate, stock prices)
Author: daver969
Version: 2.34
New in v2.34: Added Google video search
Added Google movie showtimes
Fixed Merriam-Webster Searches, added Merriam-Webster medical term search
Uploaded on: November 14th 2007 at 3:42 AM
Rating: (3.67 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 1176 (all versions), 220 (this version)
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If it was possible to edit the searches on this on the back of the widget (in the same way that it is done in News Reader, for instance) then it would be a great widget.

At the moment it sounds a bit of a hassle changing this for other countries or interests.

Posted by: Russell on Jul 12, 06 (1:13 AM) for version 2.31 (previous version)  

Does it only work for Safari? What about Opera and Firefox?

Posted by: NorskeLink on Jul 15, 06 (5:23 PM) for version 2.31 (previous version)  

Never mind, great tool.

Posted by: NorskeLink on Jul 15, 06 (5:25 PM) for version 2.31 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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