References - PHP Function Reference

Description: PHP Function Reference is the ultimate reference widget for PHP developers. Major features include the following:

* Fast lookup of any PHP function (no network connection required)
* Extensive cheat sheet including regular expressions, $_SERVER variables, fopen() modes, and more
* Interactive date() formatter - enter a date format string and preview the result
* Favorites list - save functions to your favorites for quick retrieval
* Multiple language support - PHPfr ships with the English version of the PHP documentation installed and simple instructions for installing other versions

Note: This is a beta release. Please email me with suggestions, bugs, and fixes!
Author: segdeha
Version: 0.97b
New in v0.97b: Updated the included documentation to the latest version available on (20 Feb 2007).
Uploaded on: February 24th 2007 at 5:19 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 1792 (all versions), 913 (this version)
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Darn you, now I have to re-arrange my entire Dashboard to fit a new widgetsmiley

Seriously, though, I did run into one problem. English was not selected automatically when I first used it, causing all sorts of errors when I tried to open the drawer. It took me a few minutes to figure out that the English thing was the problem and needed to be corrected on the back.

Posted by: pm (Administrator) on Mar 19, 06 (2:43 AM) for version 0.9b (previous version)  

Yeah, I had another report of that same bug. I'm working on a fix now.

Posted by: segdeha (developer) on Mar 19, 06 (4:41 AM) for version 0.9b (previous version)  

Oh my gosh, this must be my week for drooling over super-cool new apps. Haven't downloaded yet (being on an old comp with an 800 x 600 max res brings me to powermac's problem) but I have GOT to try this!

Posted by: webmacster87 on Mar 21, 06 (2:16 PM) for version 0.93b (previous version)  

Okay, although this is an excellent widget, it's way too big for me to use. I think that you ought to try to get the widget a bit smaller. For example, this widget < >, which gets its function reference off the internet, slims down the size of the returned data by modifying the CSS display a bit so it appears as if you were browsing with a cell phone or something. It would be great is something like this could be done so that this widget could be a bit smaller in screen space than my entire display.

I do love the widget, however, and would definitely use it if I had a newer comp (the ability to see the manual offline is a godsend).

Posted by: webmacster87 on Mar 21, 06 (2:30 PM) for version 0.93b (previous version)  

Thanks for the constructive comments, webmacster87. Two features I hope to implement "real soon now" are a font size preference and the ability to resize the widget to your liking. This would allow users with smaller screens to be able to use the widget without making the text uber-small on large displays.

I guess in these first few versions I was shooting for the middle of the bell curve of users, in this case developers, who I assume usually have bigger monitors than the average user.


Posted by: segdeha (developer) on Mar 22, 06 (4:56 PM) for version 0.93b (previous version)  

An additional suggestion: It would be great if there could be a pop-up menu to select categories of functions. The documentation splits up the function reference into 175 categories (!) of functions. I think it would be great if there could be a popup box which would list all of these categories, and selecting one would restrict the function list to only th functions in that category (similar to how currently clicking a letter restricts the list to only functions starting with that letter).

Posted by: webmacster87 on Mar 26, 06 (11:53 PM) for version 0.95b (previous version)  

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