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Description: A Better Shopping Experience, for Mac Users


The EarthLink Shopping Widget is a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget aimed at bringing a friendlier shopping experience to Mac users. Its simple interface eases you through the comparison process, from finding a product to competitive pricing and purchase.


The EarthLink Shopping Widget is free for all Mac users. Mac OS X v.10.4 Tiger is required.

EarthLink has tapped the power of leading online marketplaces such as, eBay and, to bring a wide array of products and competitive prices to the convenience of Dashboard.


* Past searches are available from the search input box.
* Use the keyboard's "up" and "down" arrows to quickly flip through multiple results.
* Where applicable, a "Fine-tune your search" menu will offer specific suggestions for items matching the current search.
* Clicking the (i) button at the top-right of the widget offers the ability to enter a Zip Code, to compute Tax, Shipping and Total Price on certain items.
Author: chrisholland
Version: 0.11
Uploaded on: June 16th 2006 at 11:05 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 59
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