Math & Science - Ratio Shackle

This widget takes one pair of numbers and finds all other pairs that have the same ratio. It is especially helpful in constraining proportions for images, web and video.

Once you have entered a pair of numbers, slide the scroll bar to find all whole-number variants of your ratio, or type in a specific value that you would like to constrain the proportions of.

Example of Use:
You have a 1200x1680 pixel image that you need to fit into a column that is 400 pixels wide:

Enter 1200 and 1680 in the boxes on the left.
The boxes on the right will tell you that the ratio is 5x7.
Type 400 in the bottom right box to see that your image will be 285.714x400.
If you only want to deal with whole numbers, slide the scroll bar to find the closest alternative. In this case you would see that your image could be 285x399.
Author: Ste3v3
Version: 1.2
Uploaded on: June 22nd 2006 at 3:45 AM
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