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Description: This little puzzle, based on a wooden toy I once saw, is more difficult than it looks!

The idea is simple. You have to get all of the pieces onto their respective coloured pegs (ie the blue pieces on the blue peg, red on the red, etc). You can move one or two pieces at a time, but only so the colour of the piece you are moving (or the bottom one if two) matches the piece you are moving it to. If moving to an empty peg, the piece must match the colour of the peg. You canít have more than seven pieces on a peg.

Strategy guide and full solution now available at
Author: MacPips
Version: 1.5
New in v1.5: Pure Javascript/DHTML version, no longer requires Java so loads faster and uses less system resources.
Uploaded on: December 15th 2007 at 11:04 AM
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Downloads: 1504 (all versions), 831 (this version)
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Could be much better. A few suggestions for future versions.

1: Stick to the UIG provided by Apple. They specifically ask to not make your application unique and not OS X aqua like.

2: Make use of DHTML. It took too long for the applet to compile.

3: Size, the widget is a bit too big for size. Perhaps this would be more suited as an application?

4: Back side of widget is a light wood texture with white print. Difficult reading due to the lack of contrast.

5: Lastly, the icon does not do a good job of represening the widget.

This all may sound a bit harsh, but when developing widgets and applications the fine touches can make the difference between an ok application and a great application. Don't be afraid to put a little more work for a nice polished product.

Posted by: jonr on Jul 16, 07 (6:02 AM) for version 1.4 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Thanks for the comments jonr. We have addressed number 2 at least!


Posted by: MacPips (developer) on Dec 18, 07 (10:50 PM) for version 1.5 (current version)  

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