System Utilities - DashLight

Description: Enjoy the power of Spotlight from your Dashboard.


- Must access dashboard using F12
- Must access spotlight window (not the menu item) using Command-Option-Space
Author: Schlaeps
Version: 1.01
New in v1.01: -Fixed GUI bug.
Uploaded on: August 7th 2006 at 12:18 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 529
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I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused. I sort of understand the advantage of not having to go into Safari to search Google but why would someone go to Dashboard instead of the little icon in the top right corner (or cmd+space) when it's only going to take you to the same thing as cmd+option+space?

Posted by: pm (Administrator) on Aug 09, 06 (1:14 AM) for version 1.01 (current version)  

Beats me.

Posted by: Schlaeps (developer) on Aug 09, 06 (10:51 PM) for version 1.01 (current version)  

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