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Description: With "add this" you can quickly add the website you are currently watching to a few "social bookmarking"-services. Just start your dashboard, choose one color and a service and create your "add this"-widget. If you are now browsing a website only click on this icon and add your bookmark.

Available colors:
- black
- grey/white
- orange
- yellow
- red
- green
- blue
- pink

Supported Websites:
- (bookmarks)
- (bookmarks)
- digg (news)
- Google Bookmarks (bookmarks)
- (bookmarks)
- ma.gnolia (bookmarks)
- newsvine (news)
- reddit (bookmarks)
- shadows (bookmarks)
- spurl (bookmarks)
- technorati (bookmarks)
- Windows Live Favourites (bookmarks)
- Yahoo MyWeb (bookmarks)

- More supported Websites are in development
- Presently working only in Safari, more Browser-Support (Firefox, Opera) in development
Author: fabs
Version: 0.2
New in v0.2: Support for:

- blinklist
- Google Bookmarks
- linkarena
- ma.gnolia
- newsvine
- reddit
- spurl
- technorati
- Windows Live Favourites
- Yahoo MyWeb
Uploaded on: August 18th 2006 at 4:17 AM
Rating: (3.17 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 679 (all versions), 538 (this version)
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Hi, this is my first Widget, so please leave comments on how to make this widget more usefull and better.

Thank you, fabs

Posted by: fabs (developer) on Aug 17, 06 (10:25 PM) for version 0.1 (previous version)  

Nice! This saves me a lot of time. There are two things I would recommend you to do:

1) Save the user settings as a preference, so one does not have to select the options from the back every time dashboard is started.

2) I think you should get rid of the i button, and somehow (using your creativity) come up with another way to flip to the back.

If you have any questions, consult your good friend Google.

Posted by: andrethegiant on Aug 19, 06 (5:12 AM) for version 0.2 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

Actually the preferences are saved since the first version of the widget. I can check this again, but at my mac they are saved.

Posted by: fabs (developer) on Aug 19, 06 (9:47 PM) for version 0.2 (current version)  

What's the advantage of this widget over the "add to google bookmarks" bookmarklet?
Maybe this widget makes it easier for other services, but for google bookmarks, I don't find it very useful.
However, the widget could be useful for people who use multiple browsers, as it apparently always calls the default browser, which can be logged to the account used for bookmarking, whereas the browser from which the widget is called can be logged off, or logged to another account.

Posted by: norz on Sep 03, 07 (9:33 PM) for version 0.2 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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