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Description: Follow your team from October to the playoffs, with the schedule for the entire league, standings, stats, and more. All customizable for your own viewing preference.

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Author: meowza
Version: 3.0
New in v3.0: All 60 Edge jerseys, resizable, redesigned for 2007-08.
Uploaded on: October 10th 2007 at 9:00 AM
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The widget looks great but the functionality is simply terrible. You should be able to select one team's schedule to view. You should also be able to select how many games to show (ie. 4 past games and 10 upcoming). These options would make it much much easier to use the app, because right now it is all but useless.

Posted by: dustincook on Oct 12, 06 (8:09 AM) for version 1.1 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

If you want something like that then you need to get Conference Call Omni, if I had those functions I would essentially be offering the same widget in a different packaging (which I don't think is fair to the creator of CCO). I can look into limiting the number of games shown, but the original idea was that it was for the most part a schedule for the entire NHL season and not a widget for following one particular team and it's results.

Posted by: meowza (developer) on Oct 14, 06 (1:49 PM) for version 1.1 (previous version)  

Oh okay. That widget does what I want but I graphically speaking I prefer yours. Cheers!

Posted by: dustincook on Oct 20, 06 (2:18 AM) for version 1.1 (previous version)  

I think it's awesome now, especially since you can track your own team. One suggestion, perhaps you can show the records of each club, so that you can see how good the upcoming team is…

Posted by: exg5 on Nov 13, 06 (12:01 AM) for version 1.3 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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