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Description: If you've ever missed an episode of your favorite TV show, tuned in only to find that it wasn't airing or are just looking for a TV guide personalized to your taste, then look no further than TV Forecast.

TV Forecast helps you to keep an eye on all of your favorite TV shows by keeping them together in one place: on the dashboard.
Author: mattcomi
Version: 2.3
New in v2.3: - Integrates with the iTunes Store
- Ability to disable automatic refresh
- Corrected an issue where TV shows appeared as TBA when their air date was known
Uploaded on: June 12th 2007 at 5:21 PM
Rating: (4.17 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 1971 (all versions), 1036 (this version)
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GREAT Application!

Posted by: kevhead on Apr 19, 07 (6:19 PM) for version 2.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

A nice widget overall, though it's inaccurate often enough to be somewhat less useful than it otherwise might be. It seems_to pull its information from (at least that's where the show links go to), but sometimes the widget shows different air dates than, or shows "TBA" instead of the air date shown on, or doesn't show up at all even though a new episode is airing, and sometimes a show will appear and then disappear from the listing between dashboard loads. It seems to exclude reruns, which is a very good thing, though it would be nice if that practice were confirmed somewhere on the website or in some other documentation. Other comments: (1) It has an option to perform time-zone correction, but it seems pointless, because you still have to set your time zone each and time you add a show (i.e., there's no place to set your default time zone and have it be automatically applied to all shows you add). (2) It allows you to limit your forecast by the number of shows, but it needs an option to limit by the number of days in the future, which is more useful. (3) It appears to refresh every time you open the dashboard, but it should have the option to refresh only at specified intervals. (4) It has no option to scroll vertically or add columns horizontally, so long lists of shows extend off screen. (5) It shows the episode number or episode title, but it would be nice if the episode number were always included. (Okay, now I'm just picking.) This is definitely a widget to watch for future development.

Posted by: skywriter on Jun 01, 07 (8:10 PM) for version 2.1 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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