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In 1998 Steve Boyett learned to play the didgeridoo, a unique Australian wind instrument. This led him to learn about digital recording, which led to compos- ing electronica, which led to DJing—which, as everybody knows, leads straight to heroin.

He swore he'd never be a DJ. When he started DJing, he swore it was just for fun and he'd never play out. When he started playing out, he swore it would only be at parties. When he started playing small clubs, he decided the smartest thing to do would be to swear never to become filthy, stinking rich.

As L.A.'s own dj steveboy, he's played Hollywood clubs, conventions, after parties, and private events. He keeps the room moving with house, progres- sive house, breakbeat, funk, tech house, hard house, bath house, pop remixes, downtempo, and spoken-word poetry—whatever keeps the motion and emotion going. Cuz you ain't gonna move if it ain't got that groove.

Recently dj steveboy has become infatuated with a sound he calls the New Old Funk: electronic dance tracks with a classic funk sound. He maintains two popular podcasts: Groovelectric (dance music mixes ranging from slinky New Old Funk to peaktime progressive house), and Podrunner (driving, nonstop, one-hour workout mixes), an iTunes People's Choice for Best New Podcast 2006, and one of the most-downloaded podcasts and DJ mixes in the world.
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