Fun & Games - The Simpsons Quote Box

Description: The Simpsons Quote Box displays famous quotes form "The Simpsons" T.V. show and movie.

Randomly selects a quote from a database of over 2500 quotes then displays it when Dashboard is shown.


* The most Simpsons quotes of any Dashboard widget, over 2500 quotes.
* Allows the currently displayed quote to be copied to the clipboard.
* Quotes from all the major characters of the show.
* Quotes from Seasons 1-22.
* Quotes from "The Simpsons Movie."
* Quotes from "The Simpsons Game."
* Customizable face colors. Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Red, and Green.
* Different ways of generating quotes.
* Checks for updates automatically.
Author: GSalesto
Version: 6.3
New in v6.3: * Quote corrections.
* Quotes form Season 22 added.
Uploaded on: June 7th 2011 at 11:33 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 1620 (all versions), 473 (this version)
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