Multimedia - Manhattan Live! A New York City Webcam

Description: About Manhattan Live! A New York City WebCam
Around the clock Real time live webcam from hip and happening Greenwich Village in the city that never sleeps. Brought to you by

People watch, “Big Brother it” or just immerse yourself in the very busy New York street life year round. Hot summer in the city, Front row seat to the biggest pride march in the world, Crazy Halloween nights, Celebrity sighting for the sharp eye, Christmas in New York. Anything can happen. Plenty of different sights including inside the famous Village Cigars store, the popular “Hi Mom spot “ and of course the Empire State Building! Include a live New York City temperature for the New Yorker well informed.
Author: cnyclive
Version: 4.1
New in v4.1: - Faster refresh rate.
Uploaded on: December 23rd 2011 at 5:52 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 1285 (all versions), 389 (this version)
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