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Description: This version of Wimic is based on the last one posted by the original author (pottedmeat) as listed in

with the following additions:

1. Uses CSS provided by Peter here:
(the version there is based on 2.0 code, however). This fixes the cosmetics issues. The version posted additionally knows how to dynamically choose the correct CSS for Tiger or Leopard (actually Tiger vs. anything else using the assumption "anything" = newer and thus more likely to be like Leopard).

2. Updates plugin calling to accomodate changes in javascript in leopard (also works in tiger. This would affect certain comics, such as PhD, Joy of Tech, Calvin & Hobbes, etc.

3. Fixed a few blatant typos

4. Added: Shoe, Cathy, Nancy

5. Fixed Dilbert to work with new site format.

6. Changed Boy on a Stick to site; no longer requires plugin (moved to archived subdirectory).

7. Made update check effectively fail (site is now parked at a domain squatter site), although if it ever becomes active again the code will be needed to be changed (or the site site up) so that the version check knows what the site tells it.

8. Added initials to internal version in javascript.
Author: kby
Version: 2.06
New in v2.06: Improvements for some of the issues with PhD. It's stilll not perfect but it is unclear how much effort and risk should be invested in dealing with out-of-date source pages. The remaining artifacts should all go away when the archive page gets updated.
Uploaded on: July 14th 2008 at 7:16 AM
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Downloads: 257 (all versions), 248 (this version)
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Shoe either moved or the old URL doesn't work as well as hoped; here is an alternate one. To be incorporated in the next upload; however, unless the file ~/Library/Preferences/widget-com.10is2.widget.Wimic.plist ist is deleted (and it contains other info) the updating the widget doesn't affect the cached URL at this point in time. Editting the URL on the info side of the widget effectively updates this URL. The new location is:

Posted by: kby (developer) on Jul 07, 08 (12:42 AM) for version 2.01 (previous version)  

dilbert is not working smiley. Can that be fixed?

Posted by: pumpkinwhite on Aug 16, 08 (6:49 PM) for version 2.06 (current version)  

actually there is a jpg version of dilbert on

I added a new comic with the address (thats the address format for the page). But wimic is not able to grab the image. Any fix?

Posted by: pumpkinwhite on Aug 16, 08 (7:05 PM) for version 2.06 (current version)  

ignore my previous posts. Its working now. Somehow even though i was deleting the preference file, my older preferences were retained. I logged off and back after deleting my old one, and then installed wimic. It worked!! Great to have the updated version smiley

Posted by: pumpkinwhite on Aug 16, 08 (7:22 PM) for version 2.06 (current version)  

The included dilbert should have been using t he /fast URL; preferences and caches being held on are the likely problems (Tiger or Leopard?). Dilbert was the initiating reason for re-working the plugin code.

Turns out you don't need that code if you use the archive on (but you'd have to name it something else as the built-in one will expect the format of the /fast pages). I decided to leave it using the /fast URL; the differences are:

1. ucomics is b&w during the week; is always color.

2. ucomics actually becomes available a bit earlier (by a few hours) than (apparently comes up a few minutes after midnight Pacific time).

3. allows you to go back forever (not just a month); this was the primary motivation for leaving it.

4. has the flag panel on the Sunday strip.


Posted by: kby (developer) on Aug 18, 08 (7:39 AM) for version 2.06 (current version)  

It appears has revamped their site to be more like the dilbert site (or more likely the dilbert site was a beta test for this which has now gone live). As a result, all strips which are read from (a fair number of them) will need to be fixed and it's more than just fixing the URLs. I'll fix it but I'm not sure when I'll get to it.-kby

Posted by: kby (developer) on Nov 01, 08 (8:00 AM) for version 2.06 (current version)  

More complicated yet; seems to be bouncing between a dilbert-style page and the old page. I won't be able to do anything until the site stabilizes.-kby

Posted by: kby (developer) on Nov 01, 08 (10:53 PM) for version 2.06 (current version)  

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