Decorative - Festive Lights

Description: Decorate your Dashboard. This widget dresses your Mac in elegant animated lights with 10 available motion patterns including blink, twinkle, chase, bounce, sparkle, and race. Get just the right look by downloading any of a number of custom lightsets to suit every season and taste—from Christmas to Hanukkah, St. Patrick's Day to the 4th of July.

The lights offer you every adjustment you could hope for, from the set and pattern to placement, scale, speed, and animation parameters.

What’s New in this Version:
• Fresh, clean design and controls
• Lightset ornaments for extra flair
• Featured lightsets, directly within the widget
• Three new light patterns
• Improved lightset removal support
• Minor bug fixes
• Fix for crash on 10.4 Tiger
• Indication of invalid lightsets on drag’n’drop installation
Author: esqwuared
Version: 4.2
Uploaded on: December 7th 2008 at 12:33 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 796
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