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Description: Chirp is a fun Dashboard Widget that allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on your microblogging, Web 2.0 life. With Chirp, you can quickly view your friends' latest updates, and post links, updates, or even send direct messages to your friends. Microblogging has been taking the world by storm - and now, Chirp brings the best of it to your Dashboard!
Author: ChirpTeam
Version: 6.0
New in v6.0: -Added Jaiku integration.
-New set of six nature-themed color schemes.
-Added support for private/direct messages and @ Reply marking.
-New caching features support live timestamping and an indicator showing the last successful connection.
-Complete re-write of the core from scratch, using many of the methods and techniques found in Sam Stephenson's Prototype framework.
-Chirp now uses JSON instead of XML to communicate with the server.
-Added relative time support for months and years.
-Added a check so that pasting into the text area wouldn't overflow the character counter.
-Fixed a bug where searching wouldn't correctly search updates containing commas.
-Fixed a posting bug which truncated posts containing non-ASCII characters.
-Chirp no longer attempts to refresh the feed if the preferences are shown.
-Added a new loading indicator.
-Changed the wording of the errors to make them more informative.
-Lowered the request timeout to 15 seconds (7.5 seconds for updating).
-Added a feature to automatically disable the "Done" button unless a username and password are entered.
-Removed the two-minute refresh interval; you can still refresh by showing and hiding the Dashboard.
-The "Update" button now mentions the latest version available.
-Plugged several more memory leaks.
-Fixed a problem with an HTTP 304 error being occasionally reported.
-Numerous bug fixes and other code improvements.
Uploaded on: February 2nd 2009 at 12:03 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 227 (all versions), 204 (this version)
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