System Utilities - DashDock

Description: DashDock is the coolest new thing for the DashBoard. Use it to store items you need quick, to store items you only need sometimes, or to store anything you want hidden from your dock. DashDock gets even cooler when you use the terminal command to enable desktop widgets. DashDock is cooler then the normal dock, and would be a fun replacement. Email us at to learn how to do so. On our website, ( you can create your own DashDock by using the DashDock maker in the DashDock section. Also at that link are many user customized DashDocks, and other DashDocks for a wide range of needs. Thank You for downloading DashDock.
Author: mgurman
Version: 1.0b
Uploaded on: January 2nd 2009 at 3:05 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 305
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