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Description: The Tax Freedom Clock widget continuously displays the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds till or since Tax Freedom Day for the current year.

The front side of the Tax Freedom Clock widget continuously displays time till/since Tax Freedom Day, in months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. The back side of the Tax Freedom Clock widget expands to display in some detail, the functioning of the widget and the concept of Tax Freedom Day. Tax Freedom Clock also provides links to the source data.

Tax Freedom Day is the day on which the average American has worked long enough to earn the money necessary to pay all of his taxes for the year. The calculations for this widget are based upon government data, calculated by and supplied to us by the Tax Foundation, which obtained the source data from the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). takes the Tax Foundation data a step further and calculates the exact time of day, that Tax Freedom occurs. This allows us to count down not only the days, but the hours, minutes and seconds to Tax Freedom, as well.

Please note that the BEA data is not released each year till late March or Early April. The widget will automatically fetch the new data, when it becomes available. The widget will also automatically reset each January, for the new year, though based upon the previous year's date, till the new date becomes available.

This version of the Tax Freedom Clock widget will pull the date of Tax Freedom from the internet, once each time the widget is opened or Dasboard is opened, with the widget active. This will eliminate the need to update the widget each spring. However, the text on the back side of the widget will also change every year, so although it will not be necessary to update the widget each year, it will still be informative to do so.
Author: JohnGaver
Version: 2.0
Uploaded on: February 17th 2009 at 1:48 AM
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