Date & Time - UK Tax Freedom Clock

Description: UK version of Tax Freedom Clock widget that will continuously display the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds till or since UK Tax Freedom Day, in real-time

The front side of the UK Tax Freedom Clock widget is the actual clock.

The back side of the UK Tax Freedom Clock widget expands to display in some detail, the functioning of the widget and the concept of Tax Freedom Day. The back side text also provides links to the source data.

UK Tax Freedom Day is the day on which the average UK taxpayer has worked long enough to earn the money necessary to pay all of his taxes for the year. The calculations for this widget are annually calculated by the Adam Smith Institute and based upon government data.

Since the Adam Smith Institute does not usually publish the source data for their calculations, cannot determine the exact time of day that UK Tax Freedom occurs, as we have with the US Tax Freedom Clock, so we set our clock for midnight of UK Tax Freedom Day, which was June 2, in 2008. This allows us to count down not only the days, but the hours, minutes and seconds to Tax Freedom, as well.

Since the data used to calculate UK Tax Freedom Day changes each year, this widget will automatically update itself with the new date each year, shortly after the new date is announced. It will check the internet for this date, once each time it is opened and once each time the Dashboard is displayed, with the widget active. If the internet date is updated while the widget is open, the widget will update itself the next time the widget is displayed.

The widget will also automatically reset to use the new year, every January 1. It will however, continue to use the last year's UK Tax Freedom Day, until the new date is published and the internet data file is updated.

These last two features eliminate the need to download a new version of the widget each year, just to update the date.

Note: Version 2.0 is the first release of this widget. This was done to maintain consistency with our US Tax Freedom Clock, upon which it is based and which is currently at version 2.0.
Author: JohnGaver
Version: 2.0
Uploaded on: February 24th 2009 at 9:49 PM
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