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Description: Slothcam is the only fully customizable webcam viewer for Dashboard. Just type your favorite webcam image URL into the preferences (or use one of the built-in webcams) and watch your favorite webcam from the Apple Dashboard environment.

Slothcam features include:
The ability to add and delete cameras, each with their own refresh rate.
The ability to cycle between cameras when dashboard is activated, at a set interval, or by pressing the arrow keys.

There is also now an iOS version of SlothCam for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! Check out the SlothCam website for an app store link if you are interested.
Author: jax
Version: 3.0
New in v3.0: New in Version 3.0:
This is the biggest update to SlothCam since 2005!

•Fixed a bug that prevented the webcam image from properly reloading after rotating to front of widget.
•Widget now smoothly animates resize during transition to and from back (preferences) side.
•Again tweaked the default webcams.
•Updated icon to be consistent with iOS apps.
•Random other minor bug fixes
Uploaded on: February 8th 2011 at 9:29 AM
Rating: (3.94 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 7990 (all versions), 468 (this version)
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Does exactly what it says. Point off design because it isn't obvious what the refresh units are (minutes?) Beats other cam viewers in this category because you can type in your own address. Check out the guy's home page for some fun reading about Sloths!

Posted by: barefootguru on May 05, 05 (2:04 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Great widget, but had to deduct stars for functionality due to the widget not being able to keep the cam of your choice as the default.

Each time you re-start the widget you have to re-enter the URL for the web cam you wish to view. Not really desirable for those of us who aren't from Montreal.

Posted by: pdrayton on May 12, 05 (11:49 PM) for version 1.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I like this thing. I just got to find a cam for Stockholm or set up my own. I can't rate this first-class though because of the poor design. It is down-right apalling, both the icon and the red border.

But I use it anyway. smiley

Posted by: Lundmark on May 21, 05 (8:39 PM) for version 1.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

This widget continues to improve. One glitch: if a webcam is down, all you see is a teeny tiny blue/white question mark and the "i" button, which can be easily lost in dashboard clutter.

Posted by: sprindle on Jun 13, 05 (2:29 PM) for version 2.4 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I'm not sure how I can improve on the question mark that's displayed when a webcam is down... I'd like to fix that but I don't know of any command that could check if an image loaded properly or not... hmm.. anybody have any ideas?

Posted by: jax (developer) on Jun 14, 05 (12:33 AM) for version 2.4 (previous version)  

With the changes in version 2.5, this webcam widget now verges on perfection. Be sure you read the linked SlothCam web page to see what constitutes a working webcam URL.

Posted by: sprindle on Jun 21, 05 (6:45 AM) for version 2.5 (previous version)  

Jax, great widget. I've loved every improvement. I would suggest that you load a different graphic that explains the camera is down instead of the question mark. Is that possible?

Posted by: darkstream on Jun 22, 05 (1:47 AM) for version 2.5 (previous version)  

Actually I already added that feature in 2.5. Check it out and let me know if it works for you!


Posted by: jax (developer) on Jun 23, 05 (2:30 PM) for version 2.5 (previous version)  

Works great. But I can't say I like the red bar. It seems to always be there, or it flashes on and off distractively. Any chance I could opt out of having it? I'd rather see a neutral grey or tranparent white bar that doesn't compete with the image. I suppose the best compromise would be to let up pick our own color. smiley

Posted by: darkstream on Jun 28, 05 (7:37 AM) for version 2.6 (previous version)  

Can I please help you with the back of the widget? Who does red outer glow...honestly. Besides that, It's a good widget, and I use it myself.

Posted by: dontcarez111 on Jun 28, 05 (8:28 AM) for version 2.6 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Bottom red bar that flashes with refresh may be useful to some, distracting to others. Solution: make it optional.

Posted by: sprindle on Jun 28, 05 (12:11 PM) for version 2.6 (previous version)  

You can disable it.. just turn off captions.

Posted by: jax (developer) on Jun 28, 05 (1:59 PM) for version 2.6 (previous version)  

If that's not acceptable, email me and we can talk about solutions. My email is on my website.

Posted by: jax (developer) on Jun 28, 05 (2:18 PM) for version 2.6 (previous version)  

Oops I forgot to write in the new features that you can now hit space-bar to force SlothCam to update!

Posted by: jax (developer) on Aug 04, 05 (3:21 AM) for version 2.8 (previous version)  

I love this widget and have loved it since it first came out. I have other webcam widgets as well but this is the only one that is always open.
I love the logo too, red and all... thx!

Posted by: lbee420 on Oct 24, 05 (1:16 AM) for version 2.9 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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