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Description: Make remembering to take your daily medication easier then ever with a virtual pill box for your Dashboard. This pill box functions similar to that of a real life pill box, and serves as a simple reminder if you have taken your medication or not. If you forget your medication within the hour you’ll get a warning. If you miss it by an entire day an alert will appear near the widget.

- Track if you have taken your medication for all 7 days of the week.
- You have the option of entering the time in which your medication is taken as a reminder.
- The widget will use the time given and automatically sets up alerts if you miss your medication within a hour or by an entire day.
- The widget automatically indicates which day of the week it currently is.
- It uses pills as visual indication if you have taken your medication or not.
- All information and settings are saved regardless if the computer is turned off or the widget has been removed.
- Features automatic alerts when new updates are available for the widget.
- We hope to add growl notification in the near future.
Author: Avizzv92
Version: 1.1
New in v1.1: * Addition of the option to have additional rows to make managing your medication even more efficient. You can choose to have one, two, or three rows which ever best suits you and your needs.

* Minor graphic changes.

* Minor bugs and known issues fixed
Uploaded on: April 12th 2009 at 3:07 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 196 (all versions), 175 (this version)
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