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Description: View and alter your Netflix ( queue with this handy widget. Enter your username and password, wait a couple seconds, and there is your Netflix queue! This version only allows your to move items to the top of the queue, and to view your queue, but the next version (if enough requests are made) will hopefully allows all the functions of the real online queue manager.
Author: avnit
Version: 1.0
Uploaded on: July 8th 2005 at 12:04 AM
Rating: (2.33 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 1091
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I'm looking forward to seeing improvements to this widget; in current form, though, it's useless to me. It only displays the first 24 of my items and doesn't scroll. The widget takes up ALOT of screen real estate and doesn't allow resizing. The "i" seen in the screenshot doesn't appear on my screen, meaning that once the username and password are set there's seemingly no way to change it (though that's not much of a big issue by me). And, of course, I'd love to see the ability to move items within the queue instead of just to the very time. Overall, though, a good concept and a widget I'll be seriously hoping to see updated and enhanced!

Posted by: Bakuryuuha on May 06, 05 (4:40 AM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

The scrolling, and other things, including moving the queue around, should come in the next version... maybe another week or so.

Posted by: avnit (developer) on May 06, 05 (4:52 AM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

Yes, please do make it into a full queue manager--and thanks for the effort!

Posted by: mathewlu on May 06, 05 (6:55 AM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

Apparently this is working for some people, but it does not work at all for me. I enter my log in info, click "done", and it flips over, then flips back, but now with TWO "done" buttons. Then three, then four... I tried trashing the prefs, redownloading it, no luck.

Posted by: alexroet on May 08, 05 (3:11 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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