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Description: A simple International eBay search bar with a pull out tray of the last 12 things other users have searched for with the widget. It also stores the last 10 searches you made in it's history.

It collects information from the "My eBay" page. Anything you are bidding on, watching or selling in My eBay will now show up in the widget automatically. Prices in green indicate that you are winning, while prices in red indicate you are losing . The bidding screen also shows you your max bid in addition to the columns shown above. To delete anything from the widget, simply delete from the My eBay page.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome, please let me know if you are having any problems.

Additional photos can be found here:
Author: FreeStuffCrazy
Version: 3.5
New in v3.5: We have partnered with so that the widget can now use the eBay API. Using the API means more reliable information will be sent to the eBay widget. You will, however, need to sign up with a FREE account at to use the widget.
Uploaded on: February 12th 2006 at 4:07 AM
Rating: (2.93 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 2352 (all versions), 925 (this version)
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dude, this is awesome!

Posted by: theimacguy on May 07, 05 (12:44 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Any good reason that this ebay widget redirects searches via ' Commission Junction' before searching ebay?

"These offers and links are served and tracked by Commission Junction through the domain. When an email recipient or a visitor to a publisher's Web site makes an actual purchase online or fills out a form, that transaction is tracked and recorded by Commission Junction. Commission Junction handles all of the collection and processing required to ensure fair and timely commission payment for the publisher, and all of the administration and verification necessary to ensure qualified sales and leads for the advertiser."

Posted by: Moonraker on May 07, 05 (6:00 PM) for version 1.0b (previous version)  

Ahhh ... Commission Junction. That must be why PithHelmet blocks all requests from this widget. A little more honesty from the author would have been appreciated. Widget is now removed from my computer.

Posted by: MacHead on May 07, 05 (9:14 PM) for version 1.0b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Is it so wrong to benefit from my work? I spent a long time getting this thing to work well, and also the global user search tracking uses bandwidth off my server. I figured it'd be better just getting ebay to pay me instead of asking for donations. Sorry if you find this "dishonest" but the money has to keep things like this going have to come from somewhere. Are ads on websites wrong dishonest? There is no interference to the user and really don't see why it should be a problem. Thanks for the comments though, sorry to see you removed it.

Posted by: FreeStuffCrazy (developer) on May 08, 05 (4:37 AM) for version 1.0b (previous version)  

Honestly I think it could have been designed better. No offense but it looks like crap compared to the other widgets. And yes, I made the other eBay search widget, mine does look better, but you put yours out first, so to the winner goes the spoils (even if mine looks better). Hope you do well, and good luck.

PS. I saw some people chatting on there, pretty funny, werent expecting that did you?

Posted by: fsugolf06 on May 08, 05 (5:42 AM) for version 1.0b (previous version)  

Well you're entitled to your opinion, if you don't think mine looks good, then use yours. I made mine the way i wanted and i like the way it looks.

PS. i was expecting people to do stuff like that, thats why i didn't rank searches but # of times it was searched for. The tray basically gives people something fun to do. but the idea behind it was so you could get ideas of what to buy from other mac users.

Posted by: FreeStuffCrazy (developer) on May 08, 05 (5:51 AM) for version 1.0b (previous version)  

What is wrong that you did not state that clearly in your description. The point of donations is that it people can choose to pay something if they find a product useful. Widget removed.

Posted by: Moonraker on May 09, 05 (6:57 PM) for version 1.0b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I too removed the Widget after I noticed that it bounced around a lot of web sites before getting to eBay. I found another that goes straight to eBay and is much faster. To be honest, I thought, once I saw it bouncing all over the internet, that it was some sort of spyware. And it kinda panicked me. I guess it should say, somewhere in the documentation, that using it follows a definte path that is designed to generate income for the author. I don't deny anyone a right to make dough. But I think you really ought to be a little more straightforward about it. Widget removed.

Posted by: uburoibob on May 11, 05 (7:09 AM) for version 1.1b (previous version)  

Kudos to the previous poster! I have no problems donating, but by all means, let me know your using my computer to earn money!

Posted by: fitchboy on May 11, 05 (9:25 AM) for version 1.1b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

"Note: this is referalware" This was added in the last update.

Posted by: FreeStuffCrazy (developer) on May 11, 05 (10:08 AM) for version 1.1b (previous version)  

I did not know before, but I guess that I have learned the hard way what "referalware" is, and believe that it is something that I will stay away from, and do my best to let others know about. Had there been a disclaimer telling me exactly what would be happening by downloading this program, I may have felt different. I mean, I would not have demanded a cut of the action or anything (considering it's my computer that's runnng funding your returns...). But at least I could have decided that EVERYTIME I RUN YOUR PROGRAM, I AM FACILITATING PAYMENT TO YOU WITH MY BANDWIDTH AND CPU CYCLES. I might even have paid a minor shareware fee. This was just a bit underhanded.

Posted by: uburoibob on May 11, 05 (10:23 AM) for version 1.1b (previous version)  

Just to let you know there is NO spyware of ANY sort on the widget and that searches found in the "last 12 search" bar are not tracked in any way. Once they fall off the end they are totally gone from my server.

Also, the money from this widget is bearly covering the cost of bandwidth associated with this widget.

Posted by: FreeStuffCrazy (developer) on May 11, 05 (11:08 PM) for version 1.1b (previous version)  

If you'd like a straight forward ebay that just searches ebay, without visiting referral sites that give the author money every time you search, this is it:

Posted by: uburoibob on May 15, 05 (8:02 AM) for version 1.1b (previous version)  

It's a nice update but the time it takes to visit and redirect through 8 pages is far too long to make the use of the widget's searching capabilities practical.

Posted by: pm (Administrator) on Jul 23, 05 (2:41 PM) for version 2.0b (previous version)  

Love it to death, great synopsis, concise, timely. Very nice job. Would sure LOVE a way to configure the update interval if possible as the "minutes" seem to fall a little behind the actual minutes remaining. Also, I can fully appreciate "both" sides of the argument for and against the culling of user information. Like they say "there's no free lunch".

Posted by: NewMedia on Aug 25, 05 (9:56 PM) for version 2.0b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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