Decorative - xWing - a Star Wars eyecandy

Description: This really is a useless Widget, but I still had space on my Dashboard and decided to put an X-Wing there. Meanwhile, you can choose between 18 Images (like the X-Wing, a Naboo-Fighter, an AT-AT, the DeathStar, a Tie-Fighter and other) which will show up as a 175x150 pixel sized image and just sit there.

You can simply drop your own Pictures into the "Images" folder inside the Widget-Package and they`ll be instantly available in the Prefs of the widget.
To do that, navigate to the Widget-Package (probably in ~/Library/Widgets/), ctrl+Klick onto the Package, select "show package contents" and drop your Picture (should be 175x150 pixels, but doesnt have to) into the "Images" folder.

I reworked every Image with the GIMP; I hope I don`t violate some copyright.
Author: SanHolo
Version: 0.7b
New in v0.7b: * Option to change the image when Dashboard activaties
* added a SnowSpeeder, a Star Destroyer, the Correllian Corvette, Darth Vaders Tie, a Tie Interceptor, an AT-ST and a Trade Federation Tank
* Re-worked every existing image to have a more decent shadow
* Widget now cleans its preferences when removed from Dashboard (finally)
* Improved transition effect
* Other fixes
Uploaded on: September 27th 2005 at 2:54 AM
Rating: (4.55 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 5280 (all versions), 1887 (this version)
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This is neat. I like having a death star on my dashtop. Thanks!

Posted by: jburnich on May 08, 05 (8:45 AM) for version 0.2a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Cool. Thanks.

Two things would make it better:

1) The Death Star is crooked. It needs to be rotated so the "equator" is level.

2) You need a tie fighter in there!

Posted by: hungryhippo on May 08, 05 (8:59 AM) for version 0.2a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

this is the greatest widget on here

Posted by: thenss on May 08, 05 (10:04 AM) for version 0.2a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Hehe, I love this one. I made a mini battle scene on my Dashboardsmiley. I only request some more pics!

Posted by: Knack on May 08, 05 (9:18 PM) for version 0.2a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

TROP COOOOL !!!! smiley

Posted by: TOPH on May 08, 05 (10:50 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Hey, thanks for fixing the death star (within 10 hours of my request!). You rock.

Posted by: hungryhippo on May 09, 05 (5:41 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

Wow totally way out love the idea smiley useless it may be but fun it is! It's perfect as it, if you have the time just add more Star Wars craft.

You might want to change the icon graphic on the Dashboard bar too, looks a little offbeat with the yellow XWing across. Not a big problem, I just replaced the icon.png file but think it'd look nicer just plain without the words. Anyhow, this rocks!

Posted by: weisheng on May 09, 05 (6:51 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Cool Widget smiley

Posted by: ilena on May 09, 05 (4:24 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

This is cool. I dream for a similar Action Figure Widget!

Posted by: xlax999999 on Jun 02, 05 (9:41 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Great new ships! I'm looking forward to even more. smiley

I think you definitely need a better selection from the latest 3 movies.

Posted by: SiliconX on Jun 19, 05 (1:28 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

I like the idea a lot, but you can't have more than one on your screen, otherwise they all revert to the same image after restarting. For example, you put up an X-Wing, an AT-AT and a Millennium Falcon, then restart, and then they're all AT-ATs.

Otherwise very cool.

Posted by: BlogD on Jun 19, 05 (9:06 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating


You are right, but this is a limitaiton of the Dashboard, You cannot assign different Preferences to the same Widget; this is why I came up with the "random" Option. Kind of a workaround. =)

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jun 19, 05 (9:41 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Yes, unfortunately that's just the way it is. The widget will revert to the settings that were most recently applied to any one of the copies of the widget.

Oh, and I forgot to include a rating in my previous comment. smiley

Posted by: SiliconX on Jun 19, 05 (9:56 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

How come when people call their "funny images" a widget everyone on here starts bashing them...but when another guy puts up a set of Star Wars related pix calling that a widget he gets five-star-ratings...?!?

I'm not defending the guys with "Bill Gates picking his nose" widgets or so...I just think the same standard should apply to what's considered to be a real widget and what not...

Sure, this has some functionality in that you can choose between different pics, but it is still a useless waste of space anyway...sorry...

Posted by: MILE on Jun 20, 05 (6:24 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  


I see your point and read your comments on the picking-nose-widget. But I think there are some reasons for this fun widget (which is a fun-project beneath my other "serious" widgets as you'd call them) to exist.

As you can see there are quite many StarWars-geeks out there who love to have a touch of StarWars in their dashboard. As stated in the Widget-Description, that's the main reason I made the widget. And because I myself am constantly seeking the net for StarWars-Icons and other stuff, I decided to put this online.

Then this is more than just an image collection. I reworked all those pics myself, and though this is not a hard task, it takes time. Plus there IS functionality in the widget, you can even add your own images... And I'll implement a slideshow.

So, as long as noone forces you to use these widgets, dont download them, and they wont bother you. And I really dont understand how people who DONT write FREEWARE can complain about others writing FREEWARE. That makes no sense...

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jun 20, 05 (4:32 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  


I second SanHolo's comment. First, it's not just a single image, you have a choice, with functionality; second, they're done very tastefully, with good quality images of just the right size to be non-obtrusive and fit inbetween other widgets; and third, to people who enjoy Star Wars, they are very appealing visual post-its. If the author had just taken a 300-pixel wide GIF image of an X-Wing fighter and slapped it onto a widget template, it would not be getting this approval. This is not a badly-drawn jaggy bottle of shampoo with something weird typed over it in ugly text, nor is it a simple cut-and-paste, 2-minutes-to-make, one-shot wonder. The subject matter is key, though; and while not everyone will enjoy it, enough will to make it a popular little widget. Note the number of downloads...

Posted by: BlogD on Jun 21, 05 (5:43 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Well, first of all I guess I just wanted to come to the aid of the poor guy who got bashed for his (indeed useless) Bill Gates "widgets"... ;+)

And of course I didn't mean to criticize the SW widget...and I know that there are oh so many SW fans in here and all around the world...

Maybe I just didn't articulate myself in te right way, but since English isn't my native language, I probably tend to make mistakes sometimes...! Actually I was just trying to find out what people in here think defines a widget...?! What does it have to be to make it a widget...?! Like when the other guy puts his both pics into one widget, giving you the option to choose between them -- would that be enough functionality to make it a "real" widget...?! No matter how ever useless it would still be...

Because -- and that you'd have to admit -- having SW fighters on your Dashboard screen is as useless as any other "decorative" widget, like it or not...! ;+)

(And yes, I have noticed that the SW pics are of good quality and I know how insanely awesome the movies are and so on...and I could probably never build one myself aynway...)

Posted by: MILE on Jun 22, 05 (5:44 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  


At least you're one of the critics that reply. smiley

You mean, all you wanted to say is that it should be argued what a "real" widget is.
Well, first of all, my very first statement in the widget-description is that this "really is a useless widget". Second, I never wanted people to tell me how a "real" widget this one is. Hehehe, 'd be cool anyway, but I never asked someone to accept this one as a "real" widget. smiley
Third; to me, everything that runs in the Dashboard is a Widget. Even that "Bill picks his nose"-Widget, since even that runs in the Dashboard.

And if you really want to know what I personally think about "real" widgets; check out the "Fernsehen"-Widget (

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jun 23, 05 (3:38 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Naja, vielleicht hätten wir uns dann einfach auf Deutsch unterhalten sollen...?! Damit wäre es womöglich gar nichr erst zu Missverständnissen gekommen...!? ;+)

Anyway, since most people in here comunicate in English, let's just say that we don't have to agree on everything and that there's a forum on here for further discussions...

And I'm using the "Fernsehen" widget myself occasionally ! :+)

Posted by: MILE on Jun 24, 05 (7:06 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Na, sag das doch gleich. =D

I totally agree. smiley

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jun 24, 05 (9:06 PM) for version 0.4b (previous version)  

Eine Frage bzgl. der eigenschaft dass man nicht diesselben widgets mit verschiedenen einstellungen haben kann>> beim Clock Widget gehts doch auch?! also zweimal das Clockwidget mit verschiedenen Einstellungen, die dann auch erhalten bleiben;
ist das was ganz anderes?

Ich fänds nämlich wirklich saucool wenn man z.B. mehrere Versionen vom X-Wing und Tie Fightern haben könnte und dann das Dashboard bzw den Platz zwischen den Widgets mit einer kleinen Raumschlacht dekorieren könnte (und dann noch mit denen euphorisch herumspielt wie mit spielzeugschiffen ^^) und der nächste schritt sind dann originale schuss-sounds wenn man draufklicktsmiley

sorry wegen dem deutsch aber ich bin gerade saumüde und die nachricht geht im grunde eh nur an dich smiley


Posted by: Valcoholic on Jun 25, 05 (4:48 AM) for version 0.4b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

There is a problem with the drop-down list on the back of the widget, it only removes the first underscore in the model name. Take a look at the "Trade Federation_Control_Ship".

Posted by: weisheng on Jun 25, 05 (11:31 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)  

Is it possible to ad the option "Change every time dashboard gets up" So that every time you pres F12 or a corner to call up dashboard that there will be another picture??

I would love it.

Posted by: Hobbes on Jun 26, 05 (2:30 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I've seen so many pointless widgets, and this is the only one I love.

Posted by: Aviator on Jun 26, 05 (7:42 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Rule of thumb. If your widget has no JavaScript, it's not worth it.
A Decorative section does not invite any Widget who's HTML file is nothing but this:
If you're going to make a Widget which is intended to go in the Decorative section, it should at the very least allow the user to choose between multiple images of the theme of choice. If you don't know how to do this, then you should not submit your Widgets until they follow the said rule of thumb.

Posted by: Garcon on Jun 27, 05 (1:22 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)  

Hahahaha @@ Garcon.

See. Look. Verify. Rant.

This is _my_ rule of thumb. What you did was nothing but rant. You did not only not-download this widget, you did not even read the description. back off.

@@ Aviator:
thanks. smiley

@@ Hobbes:
I`m definitely including this in the next version.

@@ weisheng:
You`re right. I forgot the 'g'-modifier; fixed in the next version, thanks.

@@ Valcoholic:
Danke. Ich hab nicht an das Clock (oder Wetter) Widget gedacht und drum nichts über den widget.identifier gelesen. Jetzt hab ichs und drum gehts jetzt; Dank deinem Stubser. Danke. smiley

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jun 27, 05 (8:48 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)  

Hmmm it seems Garcon copies and pastes exactly the same comments to every decorative widget. I saw the exact same comments on the US flag widget. While I deplore most decorative widgets, yours seems to be immune to criticism. Maybe you're protected by the Forcesmiley

I somehow just like this widget. The fading effect you've added is cool, and the selection of images is getting better. Editing the images requires quite a bit of effort and I think you deserve credit for that. Thanks for the good work!

Posted by: weisheng on Jul 01, 05 (4:08 AM) for version 0.6b (previous version)  

Dear SanHolo,

You underestimate yourself. This is not a "useless widget." In fact, I made room on my desktop for two Tie Fighters, one X-Wing, two ATT's, the Falcon, as well as the Death Star! I removed three very "useful" but bulky widgets to do so!!!

Thank you for making this widget!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

Any chance I'll see some Snow Speeders to fight off the ATT's soon???

Posted by: doctoraloha on Jul 02, 05 (1:43 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

To answer Mile's question ...

I think that a widget is something that makes you happy! Nothing more, nothing less. SanHolo's little widget certainly does that for me!

Posted by: doctoraloha on Jul 02, 05 (1:49 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)  

Much nicer than most image widgets... A nice selection of pictures, and the images look great. A bigger selection would be even better, and the drop shadows look a bit dark.

Posted by: robotspacer on Jul 21, 05 (7:37 PM) for version 0.6b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I love this widget! Great work SanHolo...

Posted by: weisheng on Sep 28, 05 (5:58 AM) for version 0.7b (current version)  

Great additions!

There's just one problem: When I click on the widget and it fades into the next image in line, 50% of the time it "messes up" and displays two images at once.

Posted by: SiliconX on Sep 28, 05 (7:15 AM) for version 0.7b (current version)  

This is fun to have about when I can free the space (which I can at the time of this writing). Is it useless? I guess that depends on the definition of "useless." It serves no function other than decoration, but then my wife and I are not planning to remove the prints and photographs from our living space, even though they only decorate.

Widgets are small single-purpose (or limited-purpose) mini applications that run in the Dashboard environment. This is small. It serves one purpose (decoration). It runs in the Dashboard environment. It is a widget, as real as any other. I also like Maki and iSudoku, but they don't serve any greater purpose in my life than this one.

Posted by: purvisa on Oct 26, 05 (5:47 AM) for version 0.7b (current version)   View Detailed Rating

I'm having trouble with my widget. All of a sudden I can't flip it to set the prefs. Click the 'i' button does nothing. The pic changes when I open the dashboard, but I can't make that stop. B^(

As for the reality of the widget. This is the definative widget. It does what it says and it does it very well. And it doesn't require any interaction from me to do it. I haven't seen many widgets that are more than just a shorcut to a website or some program in the utility folder. None of them are essential.

Of all my widgets the only ones I actually "require" are Unit Converter and Tic Tac Toe, because they aren't available anywhere else on my Mac.

Posted by: marcintosh on Apr 18, 06 (5:21 PM) for version 0.7b (current version)   View Detailed Rating

Somethings wrong. The i button does nothing. however, clicking the picture makes it change.

Posted by: IanTheMacFan on May 01, 06 (11:38 PM) for version 0.7b (current version)  

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