Weather & Traffic - RegenRadar

Description: Displays animated radar images for Germany, the Netherlands and parts of Austria and Switzerland. Configuration options include selecting the region and timespan to show. Rainfall images used with permission from

1.1: fix typo

1.0: fix to work with restructured website (thanks to Michael Howitz), add banner per request of WetterOnline GmbH

0.9: fix to run under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (thanks to Johannes Göttker-Schnetmann), added Netherlands and parts of Austria/Switzerland

0.4: fix background processing time consumption (again), plus new option for viewing a large overview map

0.3: Does not use processing time while hidden anymore, shows notifier while loading images, plus some bug fixes.

0.2: Prettier window frame and icon.

0.1: fully functional, but without much eye candy, yet

Widget by Bert Freudenberg. Comments welcome.
Author: bert
Version: 1.1
Uploaded on: April 23rd 2009 at 7:04 AM
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Downloads: 5138 (all versions), 1155 (this version)
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already avaiable???!!!

Posted by: rookie on May 09, 05 (11:01 AM) for version 0.1 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Ich hatte schon die gleiche Idee und wollte gerade anfangensmiley
Technisch einwandfrei aber sieht "nicht so toll" aus...
Ich würde das Teil rund machen, und anstatt von grünen Balken einen Übergang von Grau zu Transparent o.ä. (muss farblich zur Karte passen)

Posted by: pbr05 on May 09, 05 (11:51 AM) for version 0.1 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

rookie: You should try this first. Unlike your version, this is a real widget with real code, preferences and all. I've been working on it the past few days, before you posted yours.

Actually I wanted to hold off posting this until I made it pretty, but it works fine as is, so I decided I can always release a nicer version later.

pbr05: Ich hab da schon so 'n paar Ideen. Würde aber auch Hilfe beim Pixeln nicht ausschlagen smiley

Posted by: bert (developer) on May 09, 05 (2:52 PM) for version 0.1 (previous version)  

so a real widget must contain real code?
my widget isn't real because it does not contain real code and real preferences?
whats more important? "realness" or usability?

the past days? before i posted mine?
i dont really care who was first, but just for the record: i released my first version on april 28th

Posted by: rookie on May 09, 05 (4:09 PM) for version 0.1 (previous version)  

Hey rookie, no hard feelings here. I don't care who was first, I just wanted to mention that I did start to work on this before I saw yours. And the main difference between yours and mine seems to be that mine is configurable, because it actually contains code. So it's not a rip-off. Agreed?

Posted by: bert (developer) on May 09, 05 (9:52 PM) for version 0.1 (previous version)  

I love those radar widgets. But both of them consume CPU while hidden. In rookies implementation it was obviously the animated Gif being processed all the time. bert uses the onhide(), onshow() functions but nevertheless there is an approx. 3% CPU load even if i hide Dashboard on my iBook (?).

Posted by: pbrc on May 10, 05 (1:21 PM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

@rookie: The real advantage of this widget is the data source ( instead of This might be a single or personal opinion, but I just prefer the preciseness of the smaller maps.

@bert: I will see whether there is some time in the next days for designing a "better" GUI. (Which already improved a lot)

Posted by: pbr05 on May 11, 05 (8:05 AM) for version 0.2 (previous version)  

Sehr gut! Zwei Anregungen:

1. Noch besserer Look ("Green Metal" ist nicht so mein Ding). Warum nicht einfach einen schwarzen Rahmen nehmen? smiley
2. Wenn das geht: Möglichkeit, nur das letzte Bild anzuzeigen (also keine Animation).

Posted by: Username1 on May 20, 05 (3:00 PM) for version 0.4 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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