Multimedia - Pin Up Cards

Description: Beautifully Photographed models in the 940s Varga Style by renouned Photographer Joaquin Compta Palacin. Excellent Quality, Family Version.
New updates comming soon
Author: Joaquin
Version: 1.4
New in v1.4: software modifications and credits
Uploaded on: July 8th 2005 at 4:04 AM
Rating: (3.33 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 5008 (all versions), 4270 (this version)
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Developers Note The Website will be completed soon and there are Real Cards , Calendars and other Pruducts available, Please take time to make comments so we can improve the next version.

Posted by: Joaquin (developer) on May 14, 05 (6:06 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  

Joaquin, I don't mind you getting inspiration from my MAYA Cards widget, but providing attribution for the original code would be appropriate. Also, claiming copyright on "all materials" in the widget is perhaps going a bit far, considering that several "mayacards.*" files can still be found in your widget package.

That said, the photographs are well done--I take it they're all your work?

Posted by: JoeHughes on May 16, 05 (9:26 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

Very nice. Some suggestions:

1) Make it so you can somehow scale this (I don't know how feizable this is.

2) great photos

3) Make a non-family version smiley if you have the pictures, could be a non-free one

Posted by: r6rome on May 21, 05 (7:28 PM) for version 1.4 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

Developers Note a non-family version will be posted on my website on the 23rd.

Posted by: Joaquin (developer) on May 21, 05 (11:34 PM) for version 1.4 (current version)  


What do you mean when you say a non-family one will be posted on your website? Is there a download link for this widget from the artofpinup webpage, or are you merely alluding to your flash version?

If there is a download link for the widget, I would like to download it.

Thank you.

Posted by: esskay on Jun 02, 05 (1:16 AM) for version 1.4 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

Developers note Sorry unforseen delays Here is the link to the unrated version. [link removed - you can't post links to adult materials here. please send the link via email or private message to those who specifically express interest]
Thanks Joaquin

Posted by: Joaquin (developer) on Jun 02, 05 (11:06 PM) for version 1.4 (current version)  

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