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Description: Geek Image lets you see any image from the web you want, periodically refreshing it. Great for webcams or for keeping an eye on a dynamically generated graph. Inspired by GeekTool, but runs in the Dashboard, not in the desktop. For more info, see the Geek Image webpage at
Author: terryray
Version: 0.2a
New in v0.2a: Much better imagery, backside cleaned up a bit, better default sizes.

Hopefully fixed the bug where it occasionally forgot everything when you reboot.

Got rid of excessive debugging noise in the console.
Uploaded on: May 28th 2005 at 12:56 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 1308 (all versions), 1016 (this version)
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Somehow, my links were lost when I submitted this entry. The Geek Image webpage can be found at .

- Terry

Posted by: terryray (developer) on May 18, 05 (5:36 PM) for version 0.1a (previous version)  

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