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Description: Tagbag is a nice Mac OS X 10.4 Dashboard-Widget that helps you to keep things tidy and get stuff done. One of the proposals for getting things done via Dashboard and Spotlight is to tag your files via the built-in Spotlight-Comment option. This allows to set several tags for every important file you have, and later on you can search for these tags, or simply created searchable folders which consist out of all those files containing special tags.

One could, for example, use the tag '@work' for all work-related stuff and '@holiday' for all holiday-related stuff (i.e. Holiday Pictures, Hotel bookings, Diary, etc).

Tagbag helps you to keep track of which tags you used. It always shows a list of all tags you have been using so far. This makes it easier for you to just use a small but sorted set of tags, without forgetting about which tags you used where. In addition to that it allows you to see a list of all files having a certain tag by simply clicking on the tags name - yeah it's as easy as that.

More info about the tagging concept here:
Author: elZeratulo
Version: 1.1b
New in v1.1b: * List is sorted alphabeticaly
* Implemented a new CSS-Based Scrollbar (Apple uses the very same one in their Widgets, it feels a lot better to use
* Fixed the bug which didn't open a Finder-Window when clicking a tag on some systems
* Added a preference-key to optionally don't display the @
* Added a preference-key to optionally group items based on the dot-character (design.web, design.print, design.shirts would be grouped by 'design) (only works one level/one dot)
* Added a preference-key to optionally hide the amount of files for each tag
* Seems as if Unicode/Non-Western/Asian Characters work now (at least they work here..)
* Changed some CSS-Settings, the dashed line between tags is gone
Uploaded on: July 8th 2005 at 12:04 AM
Rating: (3.17 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 582 (all versions), 286 (this version)
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I may be wromg here, I may be an idiot, and if so I'm sorry ... but it does not work. Or maybe I'm blind and can not see it. I love the idea but I get nothing, cero, nada de nada... so I'm going sunbathing, get a beer and smoke a cig.

Posted by: tinofeo on May 21, 05 (12:00 AM) for version 1.02b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Tinofeo: You won't see anything on the widget until you add Spotlight comments beginning with "@" to your files. See the instructions on the TagBag web site.

elZeratulo: Excellent work! Could you make the widget window resizable? Is there a way to allow spaces in the @-comments?

Darn! I already casted my vote.... :-(

Posted by: dogma00 on Jun 04, 05 (4:29 AM) for version 1.1b (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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