Miscellaneous - Haiku

Description: Useless, but fun.
Author: jpburns
Version: 1.3
New in v1.3: Made Widget idle properly when Dashboard is hidden, no longer using any CPU cycles...
Uploaded on: May 27th 2005 at 5:14 PM
Rating: (3.33 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 953 (all versions), 863 (this version)
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I like this, but with Haikus I find I like to take a little longer than 10 seconds to ponder them. I think you should make an option that you can turn the refresh off, or that it switches to the next haiku when clicking on the widget... Just my two cents.

Posted by: bgkarma on May 26, 05 (5:02 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

Pointless, but entertaining. I was originally hoping that it was a widget that allowed user to input haikus...

Posted by: kxbcheese on Nov 09, 07 (9:06 PM) for version 1.3 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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