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Description: Dash20 right now is a very simple widget: it just displays a d20 dice, which you can click on to roll.

It is currently fully functional, but it doesn't do muchsmiley.

Future features:
-Drop shadow
-Multiple dice types, probably selectable on a backside that only appears when you first drag the widget out
-An option to turn off the sound (only if people care--I think it lowers the usability a lot without sound)
-I may eventually add multiple dice styles (colors) to choose from

If anyone would like to help, by far the most time-consuming part of this for me is preparing the dice images.
Author: Deicidus
Version: 0.2pr
New in v0.2pr: Sound is now working. Each time you roll the dice, it plays a sound. This is useful because it confirms that you actually rolled it when the new roll is the same as the previous one.
The random number algorithm was also improved.
Uploaded on: May 27th 2005 at 6:52 PM
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Downloads: 929
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Yeah...I can't find how to get to the Info/Reverse side of this widget to get to any options...lots of widgets are including semi-transparent or completely transparent 'i'cons that become visible on roll-over. That would help this out a *lot*.

Not knowing what the other dice look like, or if font options exist, I would say that the ability to change that font would be is too small and the color blends into the default die sometimes. Still a great job at providing a tool thats definitely needed...

Now where are those d4-12 ?

Posted by: gren on Aug 08, 05 (11:58 AM) for version 0.2pr (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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