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Description: iRate is a tiny widget that rates the current song playing in iTunes. It shows the song's current rating, title, and artist as well.
Author: jonlink
Version: 1.4
New in v1.4: * New design
* Track info displayed nicely
* Other minor tweaks
Uploaded on: August 6th 2005 at 12:34 AM
Rating: (3.42 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 1325 (all versions), 629 (this version)
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I love it!! It's a little slow responseiveness-wise, but it is exactly what I was looking for to get my rated % up!! Thank you!!!!

Posted by: Coolnat2004 on May 29, 05 (3:20 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

This widget is perfect for me (with over 800 unrated songs in my library). Do you think you could make it able to detect when a song switches it would be perfect. Having to close and open Dashboard every time there is a new song. Also, it is a bit slow to respond. Reopenign Dashboard would not be so bad if you didn't have to wait a second before it figures out what song is playing.

Posted by: ArcherCricket on May 30, 05 (4:14 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

this is great! except, whenever i open up the dashboard, the widget opens up itunes. can this be fixed?

Posted by: orangeohm on May 31, 05 (1:28 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Orageohm, please tell me how to repeat your issue, i haven't been able to get irate to launch itunes.

ArcherCricket, the song should update with dashboard opening/closing dashboard, but it does take about three seconds after the song ends. Unless you use the iTunes widget to skip the song... in which case you are correct it doesn't display the proper name (it refreshes the display based on the current song's remaining time). is that what you are talking about? if so please let me know -- if people are finding this to be an issue maybe i can make a back pref. to pick refresh time.


Posted by: jonlink (developer) on May 31, 05 (2:13 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

typo... I meant to say that "the song should update without dashboard opening/closing"

Posted by: jonlink (developer) on May 31, 05 (2:14 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

Great idea, but there is something seriously wrong with this widget. As posted in this Apple discussion ( this widget makes the exposé function to show the desktop not work correctly. This is incredibly annoying, and I hope you can fix it.

Posted by: timbook on May 31, 05 (9:02 PM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

please email me if you find a bug as i don't check this daily.

tim, i left a message on the apple board, but in case you don't go there again-- could you tell me if you still run into the issue if you let dashboard sit long enough for things to update? please let me know so i can track this issue down. also, i don't know that this is a problem with my widget so much as it is a problem with dashboard, but i think i can work around it.


Posted by: jonlink (developer) on May 31, 05 (10:48 PM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

It launches iTunes if not running when I display Dashboard, this behavior is annoying.

About the design :
- The little "i" button is not aligned correctly, it is a little bit out of the boundaries of the widget, making it difficult to hit
- The graphics do not fit very well in the dashboard aesthetic, they look a little bit flat (bevel too sharp, no shadows).

Posted by: Youpi on Jun 05, 05 (10:27 PM) for version 1.2 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

i love wolf parade!! i just had to say.

Posted by: brandonm7 on Aug 06, 05 (5:57 AM) for version 1.4 (current version)  

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