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Description: Baby's first widget from Woof's House of Spank.

This lovely little widget's purpose is to provide a way of visualising an anagram to aid you to solve it. It will not do the solving work for you and we have no intention of ever removing a need for you to use your brain. Should you choose to download, then congratulations, and we hope it gives you years of carefree use.

What does it do?
The widget is designed to allow you to put up to 15 letters into a circle. You can spin the letters round, or mix the letters up by clicking on the "randomise" button.

Known Issues
a) The text does not completely centre in some fonts. The font choice is based on your safari preference settings, and some are better than others

b)Spaces between words - if you type spaces between words, these will be represented in the display area. Just delete the space & press enter and the space will disappear

Current version: 1.0 - basic, no frills
Author: Woof
Version: 1.0
New in v1.0: We now have a web preview available, which has all the functionality of the widget for you to play with excluding the bits delivered by the OS X technology (currently only the flip is not available).

Feel free to have a play before you buy (for the grand price of nowt) -

Thanks for reading
Uploaded on: May 30th 2005 at 11:55 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 832 (all versions), 830 (this version)
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Not wanting to be a Billy-No-Mates, but all feedback is appreciated, sp please go on, fill yer boots.

Thoughts on functionality, looks, space around letters etc are all welcome.


Posted by: Woof (developer) on May 31, 05 (8:54 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

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