Weather & Traffic - Indianas WISH-TV Live Doppler 8

Description: Indiana's WISH-TV Live Doppler 8 can now be seen on your dashboard. Now Hoosiers can tell where that tornado is heading, at the press of a button!

This Doppler widget can be customized to refresh at different intervals
Author: Paulito240
Version: 0.8a
Uploaded on: June 4th 2005 at 1:36 PM
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Downloads: 281
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Being interested in northern Indiana I dl'd this widget a year ago, modified it to allow a selection of 3 different doppler sites including one in northern and one in southern Indiana, and sent the modifications in to the author. It having been a year I've decided to add a few more TV stations and provide my own version - calling it IndianaDoppler. It can be dl'd at <>.

Posted by: bbellina on May 21, 06 (11:49 PM) for version 0.8a (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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