System Utilities - quitDOCK

Description: It does this by quitting the Dock, which automatically restarts and takes the Dashboard with it.


So why do that, really it's a development tool designed for me - but I thought I should share it!! Maybe you'll find a use!

It also works as a way to completely quit the dashboard if you're concerned about memory usage. Quit the dock, and providing you don't reactivate the dashboard (e.g. F12) the dashboard will not be running.

Developers - changes to your Info.plist file and recompiled plugins don't take until you restart the Dock, so use this! Other times it's just nice to make sure it actually is your code causing the problem and not the Dashboard!!
Author: hc98br
Version: 1.2
New in v1.2: Added skin option
Improved backside design in line with other widgets
Fixed minor visual bug in Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5)
Uploaded on: March 21st 2010 at 3:40 PM
Rating: (4.33 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 1428 (all versions), 302 (this version)
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i've actually wanted something like this....thanks

Posted by: shaker on Jun 16, 05 (7:27 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Fantastic! Exactly what I've been wanting. Now I don't have to run an applescript to quit the dock when I upgrade a widget... At the option to dispense with the "Are you sure" dialog and it will be perfect.

Posted by: darkstream on Jun 16, 05 (8:46 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Usually the only time I need to restart the Dock is when it crashes. Then I can't get to the Dashboard, so this widget is useless for me. Also, you can reload a widget, forcing it to reload its files, by pressing Command-R.


Posted by: IanTheMacFan on Jul 01, 05 (11:09 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  

Perfect ... was looking for something like this to release the gobs of RAM that seem to get chewed up by some Dashboard widgets.

Posted by: MacHead on Jul 08, 05 (5:55 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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