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Description: Tracks crashes of the most dangerous light rail system in history, Houston's Wham-Bam-Tram (aka, the Streetcar Named Disaster, the Danger Train and Houston MetroRail). Pulls count from the most accurate tally of such crashes, the Wham-Bam-Tram Ram Counter. Click to open web page with details. Only accesses the net when the Dashboard is visible.
Author: JohnGaver
Version: 1.0
Uploaded on: June 18th 2005 at 10:44 AM
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why would u want this widget? just curious

Posted by: rblitz on Jun 18, 05 (6:23 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

rblitz, to answer you question, many offices in downtown Houston have pools going, betting on such things as when the Wham-Bam-Tram will have its 100th crash, how many crashes it will have this year and even which days of the month will have crashes. They all depend on the Action America Wham-Bam-Tram Ram Counter for accurate crash data for their pools.

You see, the Wham-Bam-Tram has a crash record that is more than 10 times worse than the previous worst crash record for a light rail system in the United States. Over a third of victims have been from out of town.

Scientists from Texas A&M recently announced that they have discovered a new force in nature, to go along with gravity, magnetism and electricity. They call the new force "Tram Suck" and it refers to an invisible force that tends to pull other vehicles into the path of the oncoming Wham-Bam-Tram. smiley

Roughly 20% of the 200,000 to 600,000 hits that Action America takes each month is to the page that contains the Wham-Bam-Tram Ram Counter. It has become a great joke in Houston. However, I think that Houstonians are laughing at the woeful little tram, just to keep from crying about all their wasted tax dollars.

Unfortunately, 86 automobile drivers and 6 pedestrians (including one in a wheelchair) that had a close encounter with the Wham-Bam-Tram, are not laughing. In fact, one will never laugh again.

Posted by: JohnGaver (developer) on Jun 21, 05 (8:35 AM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

John, all but one of those accidents is considered to be the fault of drivers and pedestrians, not METRORail operators.

Also of note: Houston's traffic accident rate is 2.5X higher than the U.S. average.

Posted by: jareha on Jun 23, 05 (10:48 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)  


The operative word in your first comment, is the word "considered". The question is, "considered" by whom? The answer is, "considered" by Metro Police. They are the people who investigate all Wham-Bam-Tram crashes. Gee? Let's see. 1) Metro signs their pay checks. 2) Except in the most blatant case, they blame the other driver. Corollary? Naaah.

Furthermore, though Houston's accident rate is, as you pointed out, 2.5 times higher than the US average, three other facts should be pointed out.

1. On any given day, Houston has roughly double the miles of roads under construction, per 100 miles of paved roads, as the national average.

2. Most of the additional accidents in Houston can be attributed to accidents that occur in those excessively numerous construction zones and the congestion that leads up to them. Incidentally, road construction companies are some of the largest political contributors to City Council races.

3. Even if the 2.5X number was not skewed by the excessive road construction in Houston, that would only account for a Wham-Bam-Tram crash rate of 2.5X the national average. The Wham-Bam-Tram crash rate is almost 20 times the national average.

In fact, to quote a local attorney, the city and Metro have created a condition that is "conducive to human (driver) error". Certainly, there is blame to go around and most of the auto drivers should share in the blame. But the hugely disproportionate number of Wham-Bam-Tram crashes indicates that the design, implementation and operation of the Wham-Bam-Tram should bear most of the blame.

Incidentally, though out-of-towners are only involved in less than 4% of overall Houston accidents, they comprise over a third of Wham-Bam-Tram victims. This indicates that Houstonians have developed a fear of the Wham-Bam-Tram, which out-of-towners just don't have. So, it's not just Houston drivers. It's the Wham-Bam-Tram.

Posted by: JohnGaver (developer) on Jun 29, 05 (9:23 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

this is kindof neat. i live in houston. allthough ive never seen an accident, i hear about it on the news. its not really dangerous, its just that its like a train on the road.

Posted by: Uplink on Jul 31, 06 (4:12 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)  

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